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Libra Sound Bath

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Healing Vibrations
Sound Healing Artist
We used several different instruments to translate Libra into vibrations: -Koshi Chimes (Air & Fire) - Represent the balance Libra creates in the world. - Singing Bowls - Root (258hz) to hold grounding vibrations - Sacral (285hz) Representing the ruling body part of Libra, said to be the lower back, kidneys, and glutes. - Heart (343hz) Represents the ruling Chakra and Planet (Venus) - Throat (383hz) represents the ruling element; Air. - Wind Sounds - Each gust navigates it's a way through you to clean & clear stagnant energy & blockages. -Piano - Representing the intellectualism often reflected by Libra. This sound bath is perfect for Libra Sun, Moon, & Rising signs and anyone who needs courage or creativity.