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Letting Positivity Soak In

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When something positive happens in our day, we often just brush it off. But learning how to tune into and soak up these positive experiences really helps to increase our resilience to negative experiences.
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I learned that
we have to cherish each moment of happiness and not take them for granted, so that in moments of discomfort or unhappiness, we can cope with positive thoughts.
Hold on to the good
I learned that bringing past pleasure into the present is a great way to hold on to the good things in life.
Positive moments
I love the imagery used in this meditation describing how to soak in positive emotion. It is so helpful to have that to take with me as my day goes on.
Watching Thoughts
Cultivating a positive memory evokes happiness and warmth. I noticed my heartbeat slowed down and my breath became more calm. I realized I want to wake up in the morning with more mindful gratitude to be alive, breathing, arising.
Clearing my mind and picturing the perfect image of a past event made me realize how much I cherished that event. I'm happy that now I get to slow down my heartbeat and clear my mind and think of that so I can feel more positive and great .
Positive vs Negative
It is often harder to hold on to positive emotions than it is a negative emotion.
Consider positivity through all things
It so easy to be let down and not having everything you want.. But No no, don't let it.. Consider ways to see the positivity in all things and surely when you absorb all positivity you can sit back and smile at the abundance of life in it self.
Soaking up the positive
So so true. This really just made me think how negative my mind is and is just constantly picking up on the negative instead of "soaking up the positives " from the day.
Soaking up the positive
I'm a little distracted but nonetheless this was lovely. Mmmmm! Mmmmmm! Mmmmmm! That's all I have.
My positive experience involved reconnecting with a friend from my past. The moment resonated with happiness and joy that she brought to my life. I realized as I went over this moment in time that I truly did not appreciate this experience at that time like I should have. We really do many times just gloss over the positive and not really relish it like we should. Today when I have a positive moment I am going to truly enjoy the experience fully! I will live in that moment! Thank you for the beautiful reminder about how I can improve my mindfulness!
Leave out distractive thoughts when meditating
Putting a happy memory in your mind can help our bodies relax and if we allow no other distractive actions or thoughts at that time, then this meditation can be effective.
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