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Letting Go, The Hardest Asana

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Life Coaching
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In this opportunity, I will talk about the practice of letting go. I will share a bit of a personal experience and how we can start cultivating the art of release and I hope these words resonate with you. I would love to read some of your reflections about how you are able to let go and what practices do you work for this process.
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Letting go is freedom
We are taught as children to accumulate and build on precious learnings. I love that she said this because it’s true. We don’t learn the skills to let go. I also liked that she said our experiences don’t have to be our identity. Our experiences are external. But internally, we can let those that don’t benefit us, go. Freedom. I feel more awakened. Thank you.
Letting go
I have soooo much baggage. I don’t even know where to start. What to let go of first. Do I address things chronologically, or the challenges I face currently?