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Letting Go of Worry

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When something feels important to us, we often get stuck worrying about it. This can leave us feeling stressed, anxious and exhausted. Learn how to let go of worry, so that you can live with greater ease. 
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Is worry the default human condition? If so, where have we placed our personal power over our responses to conditions? Why do we worry? Why can we not be content and accepting of life as it comes? We sadden ourselves unnecessarily, we pass by happy and loving times, exceptional moments, all for the sake of worry—-which can beget misery. We constantly do it without thinking. It can take over our thoughts, feelings and very lives if we allow it. Let’s all take our lives back into our own capable hands and allow worry to dwell elsewhere, not within.
Dozed off
Don't know what or how much I missed! I'll have to revisit this track another evening!😳
Wow! That was good!
That was good! I love her ending quote! It was so true. Worrying only create a fake reality in your mind. I say things like this every day at work and to friends. I’m a big believer that worrying will not change anything. You can only control, what you can control.
Worrying over things that are out of my control just stress me out more and take away good energy. 😐
Most of what we worry about really does not happen and we tend to focus on the possible good outcomes. We need to plan for possible negatives but spend less time doing so
Worry never robs tomorrow of its sorrow
..It only sucks today if it’s joy. Loved this session. We worry about things that most often never happen.
Worrying, i do this every day. Its hard to turn off these thoughtd
My worries mostly never happen. I stress about the what ifs instead of enjoying the now
Sorrow of tomorrow
The quote at the end was the perfect way to wrap up. Worrying never takes away the sorrow of tomorrow. It only takes away from the joy of today. It is helpful to focus on what you can control. If there are parts of the situation that you have control over, take action. If not, let go of expectations, keep a positive attitude, but prepare for uncertainty.
Worry can take control of your whole day. Loved the quote at the end-very true.
I need to focus on today. Worrying about tomorrow does rob the joys of today. And most of the time what I worry about doesn’t happen to the extent that I think it will.
Så sant
De fleste bekymringer er helt unødvendig, og det er godt å høre det også at det bare er tull.. mesteparten av tiden.
I learned 99% of what we worry about doesn’t happen. When I heard that it was a wake up to let go of worry, it doesn’t serve me.