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Letting Go of Worries by Grounding Yourself

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Jiva Masheder
Mindfulness & Self-Compassion Teacher
In these uncertain and even frightening times, it's so easy and understandable to get caught up in endless worrying. While of course we need to plan, spending all of our days and nights worrying just ups the anxiety levels. Thankfully, help is at hand - you can practice letting go of worry thoughts simply using the sense of the ground underneath you. Feeling the ground beneath you is always there as a gateway into the here and now and out of the imagined future. Give it a go!
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I’m grateful for these moments of meditation that remind me to breath and ground myself instead of constantly sprinting in circles, chasing my anxious thoughts.
Let go
In life, we experience ups & downs, but we dwell on how the negative impacts our lives... & surely worry how our actions in the present will affect us in the future, causing anxiety levels to rise. What needs to be done in order to appreciate each moment, is to let go of any thoughts of worry and feel the ground that supports you. It doesnt matter if you're laying down, sitting or even standing, the ground is there so that you dont fall. Ground your thoughts; dont let your thoughts control you, rather control them.
I never really thought of support in the most base physical sense. This meditation will be one I’ll go back to in times of anxiety...
Never really thought of it...
I never really paid attention to the fact that below me is a truly solid foundation. The earth breaths - inhaling and exhaling, adapting and changing. But it is always solid. Always there. But focusing on this foundation gives me peace of mind when everything else seems out of balance.
I learned that by focusing my energy elsewhere can alleviate my worries. Practising being grounded can reduce anxiousness.
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