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Letting Go Of What's Out Of Your Control

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Tanya Edmonds
Mindfulness+Positive Psychology+Somatics
Each day we get to begin anew. Our journey is lightened by letting go of things that are out of our control and affirming what IS within our control.
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9 reflections
I learnt that I need to focus on the things I can control. Like my attitude and behaviour.
I love this! 🔆
Right now I feel completely at peace. Taking a look at what I can and can't control in my life. You spoke to my soul. The importance of the moment I'm in right now. Sitting upright was key for me. Starting a new day and setting the intention to be here now. Thoughts about things I can't control; the actions of others, the past, the future. The actions and words of others. After listening to this, I realize I have more control over all of this than I knew. It's about me. To live in the present. To let things be. To clear my mind and set intentions for my day. I loved this. 🤗
Think it through
I like the way you simply put the things we can’t control then introduce what we can.
God grant me the serenity...
God; grant me the serenity to ACCEPT THE THINGS I CANNOT CHANGE, the courage to change the things i can, and the wisdom to know the difference.. Amen 🙏 this prayer, these few lines, saced my life for so many times.. this meditation today reminded me to keep it closer 🙏 thanks
Shifting Focus
My intention for the day is letting go of the things I can’t control as well as the past. I’ve been holding on so tight trying to control others actions because of the effect it may have on my life or my future plans. I will stop fortune telling. The only control I truly have is how I respond to the next challenging situation that life throws at me. I will lay down the baggage I have been carrying around and live for today. After all today is a new day. And, this moment is truly the only one that matters.
What’s not under my control
Felt great, so much weight was taken of my shoulders once I noticed of how many things I don’t have control over I was carrying. I put those things in God’s hands, because he has control over those things
Provided Great Insight
A very practical and , therefore, strong meditation about what we can control
Loved this
I have been a people pleaser and have given away so much of my time and energy to others needed to be reminded that it does not matter.
Student —Teacher
Student was ready to hear this message today! I can only control myself—not others
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