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Letting Go of the Work Day

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When we transition from our work day to home, we can sometimes take home the frustrations and stress from our day, and let it impact our home life. This meditation helps you to enter the "third space", a transitionary space that allows us to let of work and our busy day, and enter into a new and replenished headspace.
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Going to try this to
Oreos soon as I get home. But I'm claiming an awesome day tomorrow
Everything is everything.
What is meant to be will be. After Winter, does come Spring, things will change eventually. 🔆
Letting go
Good to let go of work at home, stressed out or not, life is too short and there are more important things in life to worry about. Look forward to a new day another opportunity to live and breathe and do something positive. We may never break all the chains at once that hold us down, but we can do it one by one, giving us that little more freedom inside and outside.
Mind space
I learned that you need to take stock at the end of the day and change your outlook for the rest of the day
Third space
It's nearly impossible for me to turn off thoughts of work. They run like white noise in the background of everything I do. This helped me realize the importance of letting work go so I can focus fully on myself and my family.
Clear your mind, then...
Prepare by completely clearing your mind. Then concentrate on your breathing. These two chores will make the difference in your meditation being helpful to you.
Completely zoned
It's hard for me to destress from work when u own ur own company I'm constantly doing something but with this meditation I was able to turn it out an tune it in 🤙🏽
I feel my anxiety and stress in my chest like a tight ball or a heavy stone that just sits there as
A constant reminder that I am Not normal or that I am not okay
Letting go of the work day
I must remember each night as I go through the tunnel to remind myself I am almost home. The workday is behind me and I can look forward to an evening of relaxation
Taking one step at a time
I learned that I do carry the weights and stress from my environment. I feel like i have a million things to do in so little time. Making a third space helps to give some time to breathe.
Work related sleep
Meditations shouldn't pop up on a Sunday. Most people don't have a boss problem on Sundays or rather don't want to think about it took fall asleep.
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