Coming Home
Our daily lives are often filled with many tasks that keep us constantly in a state of motion. Feeling myself getting caught up in the busyness of the day which is leading to a clutter mind taking me out of the present moment, this was my cue for my afternoon meditation session to bring me back home to myself. It is a gorgeous Spring afternoon. I walk outside barefoot to a soft grassy spot in my backyard. I sit in the grass with my eyes closed facing the sun. I began to focus on my breathing...slowing it down. With every slow deep inhale, pause at the top, and then slowly exhale, I feel my body and mind start to relax. The warmth of the sun feels nice on my face and the soft grass feels good on my skin. I am home. I am returning back to my natural state of calm. I am grounded. My mind is clear. Excellent session to take a few moments to reconnect with yourself. To let go of the busyness of the day. May you find a few moments in your day to come home to yourself. Namaste!🙏