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Letting Go of Stress

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Cindy Wolk-Weiss, BSW
Mindfulness Meditation Teacher & Healer
Stress is the perception of a threat to ourselves. Therefore when we feel threatened in some way our stress response kicks in. This can result in illness in the body and the mind. Here are a few tips to help you.
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Breathe it away
Useful info on using the breath to control the stress response. I don’t tend to experience stress as the fight-or-flight response, my stress is typically attached to inaction or stasis. When I’m stressed out I tend to shut down. Get still. Slow the response attitude and ease my way through whatever is stressing me out.
Stress Relief
Taking a few deep breaths will help you to relieve stress. A couple of breathing techniques that I have found helpful are breathing in through your nose twice and then exhaling through your mouth. On your exhale you visualize whatever is causing you stress at the time to leave your body. The second breathing technique is diaphragmatic breathing which you inhale through your nose while pushing your belly out and then exhale through the mouth. Our breath is always there for us to bring us back to the present moment. This is something I definitely need more practice on.
I learned that Mina’s anxiety over this pandemic is manifesting in her social isolation. She misses her friends because her routine was upset suddenly.
Taking several deep breaths help tp relax you. Releasing tension therefore letting go of your stress
ERIN Sinclair
Letting stress go
I am tried being stressed out everyday I do my destress therapy & feeling less stress I am okay
Dealing with Stress
I've learned that I have to take a deep breath, calm my mind and close my eyes and think about one thing that gives me joy.
Homeostasis achieved? Yes, it can be possible
Very good... I liked your breakdown of fight, flight or freeze. Breathe control can be one of the most difficult things to remember to practice in the moment. Mindfulness can assist in remembering to breathe, so to speak. Thank you for sharing this. -Matt xx
Letting Go Of Stress
I have heard of fight or flight but thank you for explaining fight, flight or freeze. I feel like I easily slip into freeze mode. Now to begin to breathe and start moving
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