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Letting Go of Resistance

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When we fight our reality or struggle against change, we can inadvertently create more suffering for ourselves. By allowing ourselves to let go and accept things as they are, we suffer less. This meditation is designed to help you let go of the things that you can't control through the use of your body and mind.
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There are things going on in my life that I cannot control
Have to let it go... pray about it and let it go the more I do this the easier change will be
Emotions Just Are
In letting go of resistance, I learn resilience. In releasing the need to control or define a situation, I gain peace as my anxiety is much more calm. I enjoyed how the meditation teacher had a repetition of "Let go" in the moments of release. It's so easy to resist emotions. If I can accept them, then they don't have power over me. Initially, it's akin to allowing the emotion to hit me. Then, after giving up resistance, I find that emotions can't hurt me. That is, if I don't allow them to. Emotions just are.
Accept the change
Fighting is harder than accepting. Accept it and move forward
Changing perspective
I can wear myself out fighting or use my energy to not only accept change but alter my response, attitude and demeanor to possibly influence the change for my betterment.
Todays insight...
It takes more energy to fight it than to accept it and understand that I can not change it and I do not have to like it. I just can not allow it to control me.
Keep Calm
Daily meditations help me stay sane. I can't only rely on my therapist and medication. I have to work outside of those to really take care of myself.
Letting Go of Resistance
Life is dynamic and change is always happening. I have found certain changes very challenging, and continue to struggle with acceptance. This meditation reminded me that it is okay not to like the change I am facing. Acceptance is key to healing and letting go of my struggle with the changes.
I felt all the stress leave my body looking ahead too a very stress free day
I learned that you have to accept the way things are that are out of your control
Thank you so much.
I am so grateful for this meditation. It helped me remember that I can't make the present situation go away by resisting it, ignoring it, or shitting down to it. Hearing your words opened me up and I felt a shift towards acceptance.
I'm gaining control by letting go
The phrase "it is what it is" repeatedly throughout this meditation brought forth an immediate adverse reaction. A strong sense of needing to control. The thought that things are the way I create them to be. But we all know this isnt always true. I am coming to realize that by letting go I am not losing control but gaining acceptance. And through acceptance, able to move forward in a more constructive way.
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