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Letting Go of Anxiety

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Happiness Insight
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In our daily lives, if we stop and tune in, we can often sense a background hum of anxiety or stress. This meditation has been designed to help you let go of this constant feeling of stress and anxiety, and to inside find equanimity and peace.
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Sense of Calm before the storm
Prefect meditation before the hurricane makes its way towards my city. All I can do is prepare the best I can and that is it. Other than that I am ready.
I am safe. I have enough. I am loved.
Very powerful to bring to mind those that like and love you and feel that in your body. This left me with a sense of gratitude. Was feeling some general ugh earlier, but was able to be mindful of the feeling and begin to counteract the ugh by telling myself a different story. I choose to feel happy. I choose to be grateful for the beautiful weather. I choose to be relaxed and in the moment. ❤️✌🏻
Happiness Insight
I have a lot to be thankful for. Aura is helping me appreciate this. Thanks
The gift of safety
Wow- I can create my own safety, security and tell myself what I long for someone else to say- Everything will be okay. I've been told this- but this meditation gave me the action to practice it!
Feeling safe
Before this meditation I was filled with anxiety and other feelings. Afterwards I felt so safe and calm like an angels wings were wrapped around me and I felt safe. Such a great feeling!!
I am safe. I have enough. I am loved.
Before doing this meditation, I was filled with anxiety about everything I have to do this week. I noticed myself about to shut down. Thankfully, this meditation helped. I was able to calm down and I'm being patient with myself. I'm not superwoman; if I don't complete everything on my list, that's okay. Doesn't mean I failed. I am okay just as I am.
m o m e n t s
that there are many moments in a day when i am content and there are fewer moments when i am not
Don't talk, don't tell, don't feel
Breaking this rule generates immeasurable anxiety, shame & disgust. I know it well. For recovery I need to break this rule. Today I did. My words were accepted without question. Thank you. I love you more!
Not alone
I learned that when a feel anxious, I am not alone. It felt great to hear it.
Relishing Comfort
This meditation nourishes the feeling of self satisfaction, safety, that you are loved and you have enough. Thank you Aura. I can sleep peacefully knowing that everything going on for me is alright. Goodnight 😊😴😍✌️🌖
Letting go of anxiety
What can I say that hasn’t been said already regarding this “ lesson”. It is helpful , clear, relaxing and had made me feel extremely Peaceful. 5 stars *****
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