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Letting Go of Anger

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While anger is a very normal emotion to experience, carrying feelings of anger with us throughout our day can lead us to feel tense and irritated. This meditation helps you to let go of anger through the use of your body. 
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I have found peace within myself
Love ❤️ of life is to know oneself. Having the mind to think for yourself.
Love this but need to make more time to do it. Taking time for myself is important.
I'm angry
Over the past couple of months I had to stop horseback riding because of money and time. I'm thinking of going back. There are two big things standing in my way. One is money. I don't have $70-$140 a month to drop. Second is my little sister. Little miss has taken over riding and excelled at it. I know "you can't impart journeys" and all that crap. But let's face the fact that I'm going to. My little sister hasn't been riding nearly as long as I did and our instructor is letting her do everything that she never let me do Letting her do things I begged to! Please advise.
Anger management 😤😖
Bringing more tension to an area of my body that I commonly feel tension will help release anger, coupled with breathing I was able to release the anger I was caring - and then I remembered the phrase I learned yesterday “if it doesn’t serve you today it doesn’t matter” so I’m making progress - and I’m becoming stronger, more aware of the power I have over my mind and body, to better manage my emotions.
Although this meditation is for letting go of anger, which I was not feeling, I was stressed when I listened. I found that the tensing and releasing of muscles as directed helped immensely in relieving my stress. I will be listening to this meditation frequently due to all that is presently occurring in my life. Thank you!!! 🙏🏻Namaste 🙏🏻
I really needed that. Thank you. I keep so much tension in my muscles. I've often done this with clients in the past, but haven't done it myself in far too long.
Letting go of anger
excellent session squeeze and release breathe deep hold exhale completely slowly “Don't expect a free ride from no one Don't hold a grudge or a chip and here's why Bitterness keeps you from flying Always stay humble and kind” - T. M.
Letting go of anger
Excellent, really helped me take a moment to let go of all the pent up frustration and tension
Stress relief
This wonderful meditation is not merely good for releasing anger. I am not angry; I am anxious and stressed, there is an enormous difference. By the tensing and releasing of certain muscle groups as directed, I find I am much better able to cope with high levels of stress. If you believe this will only be effective as a useful tool for anger management, please give it a try to help you relieve your response to other stressors in your life. You may be pleasantly surprised.
This was very timely as I had just finished shouting to my deaf, dementia-suffering dad that we’re all fine, etc., over and over, writing on the white board, losing the cap for the pen, etc. Since shouting is hard and patience is a virtue I need to cultivate more thoroughly, I got a bit frustrated. And this meditation came up. So it was perfect. Can’t promise my jaw is now more relaxed than it ever was, but it really helped in the moment. 🙂
Letting go of anger is simple, even though it runs deeper than irritation, especially because a lot of it intensifies in the moment. It isn’t always worth being angry the whole day. It ruins your potential and productivity.
I learned that by stopping and doing the 7 minute anger secession my anger can be controlled.
Somewhat Helpful
I felt irritable at my mother, so I chose this meditation to loosen some of that anger and irritability. I didn’t find scrunching body parts particularly helpful, but I do feel less irritable.
So helpful to release anger
I learned that it’s normal to feel anger. Stuff happens. But holding that anger within my body only causes tension and problems for me and sometimes physical pain. This meditation really helped me release that tension that I was feeling within. Very helpful, thank you!!
The end thoughts
At the end, my thoughts flooded back. I would like to get better at this so I don't have the flood of not so good emotions back into my heart and mind.
If I’m being honest
This helped slightly but not much a difference. May just need to try someone else like a different guide.