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Letting Go into Freedom

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Suzie Brown
Mindfulness & Insight Meditation Teacher
Even in a short meditation we can be reminded how to connect with the freedom that lies within us, available at any time.
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Letting go into freedom
Such peace when you do not need to do anything, be anywhere and just breathe.
Letting Go
Holding onto all the pressures does not make things easier and letting go of them doesn’t make the things I need to do all go away. It gives my nervous system a break so that I can handle the things I need to do better.
Making sure sometime through that day or week I find myself sometime to forget about everything else in the world and focus on being happy and relaxing for just a few minutes ⭐️
Let it go
I learned to let go and to not bring the past into the present. Just take it day by day, step by step. Don’t rush anything and see what the future holds.
You should always feel comfortable when meditating. Whether it’s a couch, your floor, your bed, or your shower, you want to feel relaxed so be in the place that makes you feel comfortable :)
Letting go so that you always feel comfortable in your body and mind. Taking that time to relax
Freedom for parents
This wonderful session reminded me of the importance of detachment. Of how good it is when we can just let go of ambition and worries, especially those related to parenting. This does not mean we let go of the intention, just the result... While watching Steve Carell in the touching film adaption of the true story of a father’s struggle to help his teenage son beat addiction I kept thinking about a friend of mine who went through the same thing with his youngest child. Some of the parallels were uncanny. At certain times during the narrative it really could have been my friend and his son. As a parent I have always been absolutely terrified that the selfish choices I’ve made, along with my many shortcomings will permanently damage my daughter’s ability to experience happiness and independently find her own path and thrive. That said, there is a hard truth that must be faced by all of us sooner or later: in the final analysis, it is up to each and every one of us to take full responsibility for our lives. Blaming our circumstances is a complete waste of time and energy. Just as expecting other people, or the acquisition of status, wealth or trying to fill the void with any other external stimulus is. In the long run, none of that will work. All we have to do is go deep inside and really listen. The answers are there. They always have been and always will be.
social media
i logged out of all social media and i learned that i was so focused on how others see me i forgot about me. i feel more at ease with myself now.
This is my new favorate
I love it. Today I had a rough day at school. The class is so loud and the teacher gave us math and something else to do😭 And listening these calming stuff helps me relax and not stress🤗 It makes it easier❤️
One of the best
As simple as any meditation should be, this track is so simple, yet powerful, that you could listen to any time during the day. It reminds us about the basis of meditation.
Pause into Freedom
We all have things to do, places to go and the like. Some of us have so much on our plate at one time that we forget to pause, we forget to give our body and mind a chance to soften and recharge. In this relaxing meditation, Suzie invites our body and mind to let go and experience freedom. As I sat in my chair, I began to soften my body. Giving myself a quick body scan, relaxing and letting go even further, I began to feel as I was melting into my chair. Out of nowhere, all of my thoughts disappeared and I felt this incredible freedom! This freedom that I Was Enough! Even though I feel that this wonderful meditation was designed to listen to at nighttime, it also is a great one to listen to during the day. This meditation not only allows us to take a pause into this incredible freedom we feel when we truly let go, but also reminds us of a very important detail about ourselves, that We Are Enough! Thank you, Suzie! I literally feel rejuvenated! Namaste 🙏🏻☮️❤️
Cyndee 🌊
Freedom from thought...
This meditation was so relaxing, it was nice to let go of everything. My mind drifted a few times and then came back and in the end I felt a tingling sensation throughout my body that could only be from experiencing total freedom from thought. 🙏
Letting Go to Freedom
I am free. I am enough. I am mindful of all things around me, and I am grateful that I can do so. 🙏🏻
Letting go
Even if we are letting go into freedom we still go back to our norm. So I don’t necessarily like this meditation. Calming but not a good message.
Suzie, yes! Freedom, body leads the mind! No obstacles, no constraints! Thanks.
Let go
Very difficult to let go of feeling like you have to work towards something when you haven't accomplished much lately. Like o dont deserve it
Reminder for today ❤️
Sunday Reminder: “I am enough and this is enough.” This practice reminded me that it’s okay to stop being busy for just this moment and to let myself breathe and just be. ❤️
I felt angry
I learned that in my position I have to adjust to everything around me
Walter J
It took a few moments to really relax into this one. It pivoted with the Declaration: “You are enough!” I accepted it, agreed with it and just totally relaxed & let Everything Go... My concerns for the future, the tightness in my body, the regrets of the past. I release them all... and feel lighter... floating...Like a hot air ballon that just cast off all its sandbags and is starting to rise. I see the shadows of the valley of humanity, I just let go of, getting smaller & further away as I rise up along the mountain. I can see Certain individuals making their way up the rough paths toward the bright mountain tops. I pass through the clouds and the sudden 360 degree panoramic view takes my breath away...!! Indescribably beautiful... I gaze..., smile ..., & think ..., how grateful I Am for finding Aura & allowing the tribe & teachers to help me learn how to Let Go, detach, & rise above my ‘problems’ - (aka “opportunities” - but that is a story for another time) ❤️🌁🍀
I feel fantastic. Just breathing and being in nature. I learned to just stop and reflect
Immediately upon waking, we begin thinking of all that we want to accomplish. Before we know it, we have put an enormous amount of pressure of ourselves to succeed. In this letting go meditation, Suzie has us relax in the here and now, where we can experience freedom from the labels that we and society have placed on ourselves. By relaxing our body and mind, we soon find that beyond all the pressures to be, to do in this place we call life, a deep presence remains. This is who we really are. Connecting with my breath, I felt my body let go of tension. With my body relaxing, my mind began to follow suit and also relax. Noticing gaps between thoughts, I had no labels, no pressures to be or to do. All that remained was this freedom where I felt this deep presence within. Connecting to presence, I felt this light in my heart space. Everything was so clear. This presence, this freedom is who I really am. Unbounded, surrounded by infinite possibilities. Thank you, Suzie! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
Letting Go Into Freedom
I was awake and already listing all of the things that I needed to do for the day. The stress was building. Then came this mediation. My breath deepened as I was led to let go and was reminded that I am enough
I liked some of the things she said but her voice just put me to sleep
Relaxing Cues
Relax the muscles, and the brain will follow. This interaction got me curious and I looked it up: The brain isn't a muscle as it doesn't contract or relax and it keeps itself 'supported' via a constant supply of fluid, without the reliance on any muscular mass. Having said that, the arteries and arterioles that bring blood to the brain are formed of some muscle. [Jul 19, 2019]. Namaste
Let Go
This was a wonderful practice. So relaxing... it was lovely to essentially float and relax for eight minutes. Relaxing your body and muscles allows the brain to feel it can join in and relax as well. ❤️❤️
Permission to be free
Suzie, in this beautifully paced and nurturing practice, allows our minds and our body to give ourselves permission to let go…of stress, hurried thoughts, to-do list, things that really can wait, so that we have time to be free. Uplifted and renewed after this session. Namaste.
I am free and will be free for as long AS I STAY IN THE MOMENT NOW AND NOT WORRY ABOUT ANY THING! To just be conscious of the here & now! I will leave the future to itself! Freedom is in the present!
This worked for me big time. Relax the body and the mind will follow. I felt beautifully lost in it.