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Letting Go

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Dorothy Zennuriye Juno
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
'When you hold on too tightly you can create tension and the lack of flow that needs to enter your life.' The metaphors here remind you of the importance of the balance of ease and flow. Give permission to ease yourself into the next moment and for what is waiting. Join me for the simple reminder of 'letting go'. Namaste Dorothy
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3 reflections
Letting Go
Letting go of hurts is very difficult but like Dorothy said don’t ignore it. Which is what I’ve done, but it never really goes away. I need to confront and acknowledge my feelings in order to heal.
Letting go
Wow, thank you for this! If I do not let go, I will never be at ease and find peace
Great reminder and advice
Clinging to any thought or memory will keep you away from the present. Remember to let go and make space for new thoughts.
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