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Letting Go and Trusting

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Jaisa Sulit
Mindful Self-Compassion Coach & OT
This short meditation guides you to use the breath as a tool for practising the skill of letting go and trusting.
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Although I am one huge believer that trust is a major necessity for living a good and honest life full of hope, trusting my breath itself was a totally new concept to me. Yes, I do the breathing exercises and they bring me back to my center but I actually never really considered that I should trust my breathing. I rely on it for certain, but trust, hmmm now that is a welcome new addition. Makes great sense. Using that as an additional tool!
I felt calmer and more Trusting
I felt calmer and more relaxed, able to greet today with renewed strength and motivation. Trustingly in a better position and mood improved. Thanks
Letting Go and Trusting
I’m just concentrating on forcing my muscles to relax and see where that takes me, since muscle rigidity is an actual health problem I have. I have to actively concentrate if I want to do so.
I felt...
Incredibly sleepy during this one, so I’m trying again tomorrow.
I felt needed and loved today.
I learned that I need to make more out of life for myself. I need to reach out more to those that have cared about me and helped me. They are so very special.