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Let Your Emotions Be a Source of Wisdom

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Dorothy Zennuriye Juno
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
Most of the time we are not aware of what thoughts we hold, but we are more aware of our feelings. When we interpret situations as negative or stressful we will feel emotions that create sadness, anxiety, agitation, or another form of suffering. Without fully understanding why we feel the way we do, we can remain lodged in our emotions for a time – often hopeless to know how we might change these so that we can feel better. If you begin to pay closer attention to how you feel – and to identify your emotions including the reasons for why you feel as you do; then you will make great strides in understanding yourself better.
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Wow- I really get that! This is a great channel for the place I have found myself in. Quite possibly the one that noticed I had fallen between the cracks and in that tiny little space sent me that tiny little spark I saw in the periphery
I imagine mindfulness practice always like a tool for a human being swimming in a pool with white sharks. Not as a weapon.
Awesome 🔐
I learned that self awareness is important in recognizing how and why you feel the way you do. You get to “decide what’s next.” Consciousness is key to development in this world of mine!
Self awareness
I learned that you shouldn’t shy away from uncomfortable emotions you should stay with them and try to understand where they’re coming from.
Self awareness
I learned that you shouldn’t shy away from uncomfortable emotions you should stay with them and try to understand where they’re coming from.
When we don’t understand our emotions we feel locked in them
My emotions are a reflection of the current state of my inner world. I can learn to bring balance between my inner and outer worlds by paying attention to my emotions, journaling, meditation, and self awareness or mindfulness. I will be listening to this again because it is excellent.
Great piece introspectively
This piece speaks to my mind in a way that resonates and compliments how I identify with myself.
Emotions be Wisdom
This lady is a freaking genius! She always blows my mind with her meditations. I love them!
This program contains....
A lot of what is taught here is also taught in CTB (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy)! CTB is an important part of treatment for depression, anxiety and other conditions. FANTASTIC!!!!!
Emotional roller coaster
It isn’t usually until much later that I stop and listen to what my emotions have been telling me. Often in work situations I ignore these emotions and all it gives me is unhappiness. I need to acknowledge them faster and make changes more quickly. A great reminder!
Regaining Balance
Try this experiment: think back to a time where something unpleasant occurred and feel in your body. Now, think back to a time where something pleasant occurred and feel in your body. What you are feeling in your body are your emotions associated with those experiences. Emotions are a gauge for exposing our inner state. Once we realize this, we can begin to use our emotions as a barometer for accessing how we are in any given moment. In this life coaching wisdom session, Dorothy identifies three ways that can aid us in deconstructing our emotions and thus, help us to regain our balance. The first way is through the practice of meditation. Meditation allows us to create a space of stillness and silence in which we can be present with what is. Because this amazing practice soothes our mind and body, we can get intimate with how we are feeling. The second way is through the practice of journaling. Jotting down how we are feeling gives us an outlet to spill out our emotions. As we write, our thoughts are deconstructed. After we write, we can go back and read what we wrote, which allows us to reflect on our inner world. The third way is through the practice of self awareness or rather mindfulness. In this embodiment practice, we take note of how we are feeling in any given moment. Anytime we notice our state has changed to something unpleasant, it is our cue to ask ourselves a few questions. These include, what am I feeling? What are my thoughts? How do I want to feel? And, what can I do to feel that particular way? All of these questions remind us of our responsibility to care for ourselves, first and foremost. In caring for ourselves, we are more apt to identify our needs. In identifying our needs, we know ways to nurture ourselves. In nurturing ourselves, we regain our balance. We always have a choice in how we want to feel and be. It is in the knowing and the utilization of this wisdom where we find ourselves no longer dependent on external factors for dealing with our emotions. Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
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