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Let The Thoughts Pass

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Katie Krimitsos
Creator, Women's Meditation Network
Tonight’s sleep meditation will help you sink into a deep sleep as you let the thoughts pass you by.
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. Keep hearing silent night on repeat and creepy voice. Did not help me sleep at all Made it worse for
Calm begets calm
My daughter is grieving the sudden loss of a good friend, and the grief was keeping her from getting down to her school assignments, which in turn led to a panic attack and action paralysis. Instead of panicking with and for her, I was able to calmly take her through an Aura meditation exercise focused on dealing with grief and loss. That time calmed her down tremendously (visibly)… and allowed her to muster up her courage and focus to deal with the task at hand though her grief. Calm begets calm. Peace can be multiplied. 🙏🏼
Music distracting
I cannot use this because the Silent Night background music is distracting
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