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Let The Mysteries Of Life Pursue You

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Dorothy Zennuriye Juno
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
The mysteries of life surround you. Think of your life as a magical playground of so many choices – of abundance and love – of the ability to do anything and everything you want... and of not overthinking but rather allowing for amazing, infinite ideas to flow into your mind. Let the wisdom of life be bountiful. Let this be the inspiration for you. Namaste!
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Too many thoughts
My mind is very distracted by a flooding of thoughts and it is so hard to focus with ADHD.
I felt slight calmness. I hope i would see greater results as people were saying about meditation.
What I have to do
I’m going through something really tough right now and I have to try and count it as a blessing, which will take much work.
The mysteries of life
WOW! Beautiful. I hope I am not passed the point of time it takes to have such a beautiful way of looking at life. I guess the operative word being hope. I pray your life gave you this gift and you didn’t have to notice the pain first. Thank you 🙏🏻
Mysteries of Life
This seems to me to be important guidance for life today. We may not always be able to make meaning or “sense” out of all experiences and events. I think that sometimes i must simply sit with the mysteries of life and being present to then wait for guidance and insight.
This is very eye opening. It’s a soothing audio to listen to.
I am experiencing what may be the most challenging and stressful period in my life. Lessons like this lesson about being present and seeking the lessons from trials and tribulations have helped me tremendously by freeing my mind to see how these trials can help make me a better person and have a better life. Right now I am sitting here, powerless to stop someone close to me from betraying the ultimate trust that can exist between two people. And the amazing thing is that my thoughts are on the betrayer and how I can help that person avoid more personal pain. That would not have happened just a few months ago.
i feel okay...
don’t get caught up in my thoughts. i always say dream and visualize what will or might happen to me. i need to take what comes to me now.
She had some good things to say but her voice kept distracting me because I thought it was weird. Some of her points I will definitely be thinking on though.
The power of now
The mysteries of life: being open to the meanings of all of the events in our life.
I learned
I learned to not worry for my struggles that my struggles will worry for themselves and everything I go thru no matter how hard or easy it may seem it all has a purpose to make my life
Stop Wallowing
I have a serious tendency to wallow in my own pity at times and make excuses. That’s what really resonated with me, that one statement. I see that I need to keep learning how to move beyond this stress.
Mysteries of life
I learned that everything in life has significance and meaning so i should always consider the greater meaning of things that present themselves to me
I see
I catch glimpses of purpose and then I let them slip away when life tumbles around me In it’s chaotic fluidity. I stop and stare when a soul I know catches my eye, I touch my heart and out stretch a hand and in doing so I say, I know you, my heart knows you and My soul delights in our meeting and then I move along. We each have our purposes and should mine touch yours then I am blessed that we have crossed paths but yet we part and continue our journey, may it impart the wisdom you seek and the growth you need.
I learned that the presence is Now and to embrace the moment. Seeing any situations as growth with a positive mind moving forward
Guess mom was right. Everything does happen for a reason. We need to look carefully to appreciate the wisdom.
Every experience is a blessing
Instead of viewing a situation as being good or bad, I learnt to see it as a blessing and a reason for me to learn something spiritually profound about my life and my purpose. When we ask the universe for something we truly desire and we receive the opposite response, don’t take that response for granted. The universe will never mislead you. Perhaps what you desired does not serve your destiny. Listen for answers in every “no” and “yes” you hear.
Look for the answers, then move on
How I look at everything that comes my way in life ether good or bad determines how I react. It determines my experience and what I get out of that experience. Dwelling on bad experiences won’t make it better or make it go away. There is something their I can learn if I take a deeper look for the answers and then move on. Dwelling get me nowhere and is a big waste of my precious time and energy. 🌺
I noticed my mind listening to the speaker, and noticing the song birds, the shifting sunlight patterns, the cats marking their territory, the gentle rocking of my chair.
Monday Morning
There are lessons in the stressors. Ask the Universe for what you want and it will happen.
Put into the universe what you want out of life! That growth takes time but if you believe in wanting more from life you shall receive it
Mari :)
Life is constant change
I may not imagine where I will be in 5 years. So I can plan, but more importantly adapt, and enjoy the present.
Getting Out of My Own Head
I’m learning how to use meditation/ life coaching to get out of my head and stop worrying and overthinking every single detail of my life. I’ve always been open to these tools, but never put much action into using them, but I’m starting to realize that they really help me!! I’m new to all of this, but the few minutes I get to live in the present moment and get out of my own head is amazing!!!
Be open to life
Be open to what happens to you in life- events, emotions, and thoughts. Rather than resist, look at things with an open mind and appreciation. This can dramatically change your mood
Freedom and learning
It feels like I have the freedom to get what I want, I will learn what I can from past events/mistakes and learn from them. I will not let those mistakes stop me from achieving my dream life that I want. Everything is a learning opportunity
Walter J
Life is more exciting, beautiful and more fully lived when we allow the mysteries of life to unfold at their appointed time. Besides how boring would it be if we got everything we wanted as soon as we wanted it. If you try to rush a rosebud to open, you just get a pile of underdeveloped petals. If we are patient, then due time, we will get to experience the beauty of nature at its finest! See the life you truly want in your minds eye. Think about it , patiently organize it and develop a plan for it. As you start to consistently & persistently work for it, things will happen you cannot understand or explain and that’s the fun part of manifesting, the mystery of life! That is truly Living! ❤️☮️🍀
Great teaching for me this evening!
I’ve had a pretty great couple of days, and this lesson in remaining grateful for those good things which come your way really resonated for me tonight! Thank you Dorothy! Much appreciated! I had the opportunity to meet with a representative of an assistive technologies group locally today, who will aid me in getting new design equipment to further my career now after my stroke...AND while meeting with him, I was blessed to run in to an old co-worker of mine, who likewise suffered a massive life-changing health issue several years back, leading him into a public sector job in state government services, some of which I’m finally going to receive here several years after my stroke and being laid off from my long-term job! Likewise, I’m finally receiving a hearing to perhaps receive the state unemployment insurance which I have been denied for the last few years! Receiving that would take a lot of day-to-day stress off my shoulders! Finally, I have, after a couple of years, received a hearing date with the Federal Social Security department to determine if I qualify for permanent disability status. I know of a couple of people who waited up to ten years for a final determination on Social Security my five or so years seems somewhat minor at this point! Looking forward to beginning to attend the local community college in a few weeks, to help refresh my technical knowledge of the computers and software I use in my graphic design career, and build my portfolio back up again! But then, anything to just get me up and out of the house will be great! I’ll be attending college with my eldest child! Sounds like the plot for a bad ‘80s movie, huh?🤣😂🤣😂
Day 6
Accepting everything and learning from it makes life easier to get through
Live in the now, live through feeling and watch how things affect you. Feel for yourself, learn from each different one, and live each day with the expectation of something new.
Everything has a place and time!
The gift of Wisdom reminds us that each thing in our life has its own place and time! We should appreciate each item, each moment, every pain, every blessing, each sorrow, each gift and talent as they all occur for a reason. We must be appreciative and responsive to understand that we may not EVER know why something is happened, yet it was selected to directly affect us at that precise moment at time. Akin to a polishing cloth or wheel upon a fine piece of art or gemstone - gently smoothing away imperfections, slowly - as not to erase anything of beauty!
i felt so happy becouse of no reason. I really needed to hear those words to calm myself down.
it was able to ease my mind not stuck on too many things. addressing the stressful and the good karma flowing in and out of my life as an equally flowing stream.
Letting go...
It is hard for me to admit that I need help. I need to place more of my energy in caring for myself, rather than in blaming people who have hurt me. The first step in that process is forgiving, the second step is letting go, the third step is moving forward.
definitely a good tip
Im gonna try this out today, but it already makes since so you dont really need my review. Gotta go and tackle that math exam 🖐🏻
Peace Of Mind
Gracefully Accept Life's Obstacle's Regardless of how The and Stressful they may be.
Let the mysteries of life pursue you
Be present. Love life's beautiful mysteries in the here and now. Don't be carried away to the past or future
all things are blessings.
I was reminded how God doesn't work in linear ways. but all experiences are gifts...moments to guide us to what we want, if we'll but look. inside every tragedy. Inside every problem is a gift,a lesson and new guidance to wheee we need to be and grow. Gandhi wasn't fully on his purpose until he was thrown off a train. ans so is everything we experience. each moment I a message if we'll but sit and listen. if we acknowledge what truly is instead of our habitual stories, we can uncover our Dharma. Our direction. our light. And awaken again to a fullness of who we are...who were truly are. and are meant to be. The difference between fate and destiny is the ability to listen and choose. But it starts listening.
I am slowly learning...
How to live in the ‘now’ I’ve had some panic episodes in the past where I couldn’t even actually preform the task I was attempting because of how fixated and obsessed I was with fighting off the bad thoughts in my head. A battle that can’t be won. Instead I need to try my best to ignore or shift my attention away from these bad thoughts. Easier said than done, but the journey is getting a little easier every day.
After listening to this I felt relieved and it calmed me down. As I listened to this session I stretched my legs and took some deep breaths, letting all of my frustrations out. I feel like I can accomplish anything.
Open your eyes
Smell the coffee and live in the now. Live in this present moment and let all the worries of the past and future situations roll right off your back, because you are not in those places your right here, right now.
Everything is FOR us
A great reminder of how every happening in our life, whether happy or sad, and all the in-between—its all happening FOR us, not to us. It’s all loaded with opportunities to learn and grow. We merely need to see it and ALLOW it.
Instead of visualizing life as a battlefield I need to imagine it as a playground
this truly let's you breathe ad see the beauty in our world through the eyes of our mind
i learned that we can call for what we desire upon the universe; it is right in front of us. We shouldn’t worry about the temporary feelings that accompany us and distraught us, rather be focused on the things that do matter 💞
Mysteries of Life
I learned that to be open to our desires in life we must learn from our past once we have voiced what we want to the universe. We can be amazed at the subtle ways that the universe will open itself up to us if we have eyes to see what it presents. We need to be still and peaceful to be able to grasp the gifts, but it is so worth it.
We’re just here to witness what is intended for us — let life flow like a river!
See the bad as a gift to learn more, to figure out what I want and what I don’t want.
Mysteries of life
I need tp remain open to what and where the universe is showing and guiding me towards. I as for non-judgement of self, non reaction to others opinion with no need but to stay open and listen to the universe, get out of Gods way and listen with willingness.
Great info
This is a fantastic lesson. I’m not quite there yet in my personal development and growth, but it is a great lesson for where I want to be.
Life’s Truths
Synchronicity, serendipity are truly magical in life. They happen in perfect timing to the lesson or purpose that life wants to teach me, in the right place, at the right moment. My life’s experiences may at times be difficult to understand, mysterious, confusing, but I am awed and grateful when at that magical moment all becomes clear, a beautiful unraveling of truth. All it takes is patience,a mindful eye, and specificity of purpose to unwrap the gifts the universe can offer. 🙏🏻💡🎁
So good
This made me really go back in thought. My one take away of many, was to fully recognize the signs that are all around us and engulf into those as signals of what could be.
Felt at peace
To relax and be at peace with myself and enjoy what's happening now.
I like living in the now
I really enjoyed how this little piece got me thinking about it and living in the now
I noticed i can struggle to look at the experiences and challenges of daily life very negatively
That I must try to see what I have learnt from these experiences
I felt myself angry and accusatory of ignorance
I can sit with those emotions and recognise they are there, identify what has triggered them and note that that is a trigger, not someone else making me feel that way, but triggering me to feel that way. The behaviour or words of someone else may not have the same response in others therefore it is not the words or actions of the other person directly but my belief system and processing of those actions and words that is resulting in my response to them.
Sandy’s passing
I learned that the process of dying can be a peaceful journey of remembering a lifetime, accepting the love of those who have gone before, sharing, and a final release into the mysterious beyond.
I learned that people probably do miss me as I've been feeling they dont. We are all different and have different ways of showing that. Covid is affecting a lot of things and certainly perceptions.
Every experience is a lesson
I was reminded that every experience is a lesson, and rather than struggle against each one, remember to to use each as a learning experience
I learned that negative experiences are also blessings and should be used to propel me forward to better experiences.
Lessons and experience
When I was young my parents bought me a poster with some type of animal unit, I cant recall what...I just loved animals. Bit the quote said "Experience is what you get when you dont get what you wanted." Over the years I have come to embrace and teach that has proven true is so many ways.
Choose Joy
When I make I conscious effort to view the world through the lens of abundance and joy, I can see it all around me.
Mysteries of Life
Be present and ask what are these things that I am going through teaching me. It is so hard to let go and just be.
What have you learned
This is close to my heart and how I need supporting to keep on keeping on, keep focused on the wisdom of now the learnings everything brings. It’s hardest in the most painful life occasion especially in grief ... I’m keeping on keeping on with a focus on just this moment.
Focusing on now
I need to bring my past relaxing happy moments to my mind and bring them forward and start to think about them more often when I am feeling down. I ask the universe to bring me people that I can become close to and learn to trust. I need to have a circle of friends! And so I ask the universe to help me to become more approachable and open for friendships!!
Playground as life
Remember everything happens as a lesson Live in the now x this is what I need to focus on 🙏
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