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Let It Unfold!!! The Ebb & Flow of Life!

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Teena Jones
Life Coach and Healer!!
Why are you happy! This is a question I ask myself every day, The reason being is because no matter how well things are going in my life, I never want to get calibrated to something that can leave at any moment. In this session, I will give you the tools to you need to get happy for no reason other than it feels good to be happy! Cheers~
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Let it unfold! The
This is it! The real truth, thanks for opening my eyes and see it. I love your sessions, I can't stop listening to them, they're helping me a bunch ❤️
We have been given such a beautiful gift in this life. Most of us do not even realize the importance of this gift unless we are hungry or searching for something. This gift I’m talking about is the gift of free will. Free will gives us the opportunity to make choices! Choices are like intentions. We choose how we want to be. We choose what we want to do. We choose where we want to focus our energy. In this extremely profound life coaching session, Teena explains how we can truly enjoy the ebb and flow of life. We must make our happiness a priority every single day. This happiness of ours cannot be contingent on anything other than it feels good to be so. Happy just because we choose to be so naturally raises our vibration to match what we want in life. This is the secret of manifesting. We must first Believe and then think and act as if we already have everything we want. Before long, you will see these things come to fruition. However, if we are happy because we are healthy or we have a nice house or even a living relationship, we are in trouble. See, everything is subject to and destined to change. Life is impermeable. So when those things leave, our happiness will go right along with them. Yes, we can appreciate what we have. Being grateful brings about our innate happiness. So by all means, appreciate and be thankful. Say along with me, happiness is always a good choice! So, I choose happiness because it feels so darn good to be happy! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
Walter J
What if Happiness was your natural state? If you never knew any better but to be happy… Would you allow it become dependent on anything?!? Unfortunately most of us have. At least from time to time. From Now on (at least until the next Now 😉) why not just Choose to be Happy… for no reason? I mean Why not?! It is just a Choice like allowing it to be conditional or wobbly like Teena says. Why not Forget the past and Choose from this moment on, for the next “Now” to be happy! And the next Now… Happy again, and the next and repeat it until it Becomes a habit, your new normal! Happiness CAN be your normal state- it is YOUR Choice! 🍀😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁🍀
Thank you!!
I learned that happiness is a choice. This life coaching has to be the most helpful one I’ve heard on the app.
This was perfect! Needed!
Just be happy.. Feel good for no reason. Stop wanting to feel good to get something, for an agenda or condition.
Just be happy….
I learned to check in with myself. It’s easy to be happy, things don’t make you happy.
I just know somehow…
I’m usually an optimistic person and alway treat people like I want to be treated, but sometimes I get into a position to were I depend on my lover to make me happy! Not anymore I jus know that I’m going to be great and taken care of somehow!
Ebb and Flow
This was a great lesson on not seeking my happiness from a person, place, or thing! It's not external. It's inside of us. If we chase something expecting happiness, we are setting ourselves up for great disappointment. Checking in with myself to say "why am I happy" is a necessary part of this journey I'm on.
Ebb and Flow
I really took it the need to understand the why of happiness. That it’s because happy is the intention. I will remind myself always that it’s not wanting conditional things to be happy.
Don’t worry, be happy
Mahalo illuminated this simple yet profound truth. As long as there are conditions as to why you are striving for happiness, it will forever eluded you.
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