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Let Go of the Day - a Meditation Poem

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Katie Krimitsos
Creator, Women's Meditation Network
The day is done. The night is here. And now it’s time to transition, my dear. So turn out the lights and get comfortable in your bed, As you rest your body, and clear your head.
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Let go of the day
Letting go of the day. Preparing for night and rest. Coming to rest with what happened today.
Day 2
I noticed that I’m afflicted to my phone. If it’s not near me or if it is off I am thinking about it and want to look at it.
Keana Lauren Abuan
Let's sleep
I am emotional I am sleepy Wanna sleep I want to live a peaceful environment
Changing priorities
As a caregiver I find that once I put my patient to bed THAT is when I want to fit an entire days worth of me time into a few hours. But instead of doing good things like meditation or journaling, I sit in front of the tv, texting people and playing on my phone till the wee hours of the morning. Then I can’t sleep because I’m trying too hard to sleep because I have to be back up in a few hours. SO… Time to rearrange my priorities that pertain to myself. So happy I found you all! Peace to all. Good night 🙏🏼
Let go
Thank you for this relaxing poem about letting go. It was very comforting