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Let Go of Friends

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Irene Zwaan
Hypnotherapist & Energy Healer
Sometimes it's time to move on. To go your own way. Old friendships can change. Must we keep holding onto friendships that don't work? No, go on with your life ....keep moving and growing positively.
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When your friends change?
When you change. When the friendship stops..., what yhen? What if you want to end a friendship in peace?
I learned a lot of things listening to this, your friends may come and go but the memories always stay whether they are good or bad they stay, you may not be able to make everyone like you but you have to accept that and live on because deep down they’re happy and you’re happy, listening to this and thinking about that person made me genuinely smile, that’s the first time I’ve genuinely smiled in a very long time
Let Go Of Friends
Often it is time to let go of toxic things, bit when you do also let go of the toxic memories. Remember the good
Let go of friends
Last year I had a massive fallout with a friend of mine, this exercise helped me cope with it
Let Go Of Friends
Once I read the description, I felt pulled in. The message began to resonate deep inside me. Do I have the faith it will take to let go? Really let go and turn it all over to God. He is always faithful to me. He has never betrayed my trust. He has never broken a promise. He has never hurt me and He never will. I’ve learned quite clearly when life is storming, I am being given a chance to grow. Now for what is quickly coming at me. It’s up to me what I do with it. I’ve learned to walk with Jesus. He’s reminding me. It’s time to grow closer again. Time to stretch and step out in faith.
Vulnerable and Guarded
I learned that even as I think through things in my mind, allowing my mind to wonder, seek out my soul, I feel vulnerable and guarded. One that by instinct is to broken the other. I lost my mother to suicide in 1993 when I was 13, I’ve been challenged with trust and to always be guarded to keep the vulnerability safe.
Good for letting go of an ex
Remember the good Let go of the bad No idea what she said at the end though
This helped me.
Because I lost one of my friends I have known for years. I feel better.
It’s best to remember the good times with a person and be thankful to the person for those.
Let go
Irene, powerful session! Years ago, a life friend left, but here I found warm memories! Thanks.
Cut the ties that bind...
Wow, heavy. A lot to think about from both sides- removing and being removed, for the greater good. Namaste
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