Letting Go
Just like weather systems, we are the product of many impermeable conditions. While we like to think that we can control these conditions, it is just an illusion. Once we realize this, we can let go of something that causes us unnecessary suffering: expectations. While it is good to always hope for the best, expectations lead to having judgement. For instance, if things turn out how we envisioned them in our mind, we are satisfied with the outcome. However, if things do not turn out how we envisioned them in our mind, we feel letdown, which can lead us to having feelings of shame, guilt or blame. Because judgments will only make matters worse, Karuna introduces us to to something called wise investigation. Wise investigation allows us to look at all aspects of a situation. Lacking judgement, wise investigation looks upon compassion to be our guiding light. By being on the outside looking in, compassion greatly lessens the degree to which we feel guilt, shame or blame and therefore, the degree to which we will suffer. This is a great thing for all because as we suffer, we unconsciously make others around us suffer through our skewed towards the negative words and subsequent actions. Letting go of expectations, we are free to enjoy the journey instead of being so focused on the outcome. This brings us to present moment awareness. By being present in our life, we are essentially living moment to moment. Because every moment is new, we can be open and curious. Open and curious, we go with the flow with a child-like wonder. Filled with wonder, we find ourselves lighthearted. Lighthearted, we make more informed decisions. And, informed decisions in the now make for a better future. As we can see, everything we do or don’t do has a domino effect in life. Because we control where our attention goes as well as our attitude towards ourselves, others and the world around us on a daily basis, why not make it beneficial? After all, life is far too short for anything but. Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️