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Learn to Pause

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Hannah Castillo
Mental Health Counselor
The time between a stressful situation and your response-that is the pause. Learning to pause, like any skill, takes practice. But by learning to use this pause to help you think through a situation, you can gain an invaluable tool to help you manage your feelings more effectively.
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jess 🧡
learning that through tough situations, just taking a moment to pause is very beneficial. i will be taking this into consideration. i know that i can get upset quite easily, but if i just take a minute to assess the situation, i can prevent much more negativity that may foster.
Thinking/ walking away from a negative situation to think it through could really help.
Love this
I love the idea of pausing before responding. It’s a skill I desperately need to learn.
Learn to pause
An excellent skill. Before responding out of anger or because of options learn to pause and reflect first.
To pause to give yourself time to respond more appropriately.
Learning to pause takes practice breathing skills also helps.
Such a good reminder to just stop and be still and think before you react.
When you learn the skill to just stop and think before you react, it is so good to have a reminder! Even those that are the best at this need reminders. Thank you!
Learn to Pause
Easier said than done. There is a person I can't pause with for long. But great skill to use in general. I will continue to work on this. I want to get it down!! I'm not sure exactly how to get there. Practice of course. It's an important life skill to implement. A favorite quote of mine; Respond, don't react. Listen, don't talk. Think, don't assume. By Raji Lukkoor. One important item that comes into play with all of this is patience. I've improved in this area quite a bit. I still need to continue!! Thank you for this meditation.