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Learn to Forgive

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Hannah Castillo
Mental Health Counselor, Life Coach
Forgiveness is possible. Learning to understand the connection between your thoughts and feelings can help you learn to forgive and let go of the hurt and anger you may be experiencing.
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Key lesson
This is so fundamental to honing the skill of happiness. Thank you for this.
Learning to forgive
This was a great lesson, by forgiving we are not saying what happened was ok or that we have forgotten what happened what we are doing is saying we understand that it happened and we are moving on and will not let that thing control us or our thoughts and actions any more To forgive someone is to free yourself from the feelings tied up in the original event that caused to problem
I did two short sessions today as these forgiveness talks are very good .
Learning what forgiveness is not was very useful useful. It doesn’t mean you approve of persons actions but you can forgive them.
Learn to forgive
Awesome!!! So many wonderful truths in this lesson! Thank you for sharing this🙏🏽🩵
I've been fighting forgiveness of those who have wronged me for years. It is time to forgive those old ghosts, who still haunt my mind. And forgive fully, not because I condone their behaviour, but because it will allow me to get over it.
Learnt Something about letting go of hurt
I learnt I can forgive the person and move on for my peace of mind, not theirs.
Forgiveness has never really been my strong suit.. especially forgiving myself.. i can never forgive myself
Needed this today! It was a great reminder that forgiveness isn’t for them it’s for me and I deserve to forgive them so I feel better and they stop having hold of me and ruining my mood
Take Times
To forgive is challenging, especially when living with trauma. I recall the time when my partner was still dating his ex while we were already in a committed relationship, causing feelings of betrayal to haunt me. I felt hurt because, while I worked hard to cope with my trust issues through therapy, he was doing that to me. At one point, I thought I was the problem and believed his assurances that he wasn't like my previous partners who had cheated on me. The day I discovered he had lied was the day my world crumbled. Since then, I've struggled with trust issues, finding it difficult to trust him again. Forgiving him and rebuilding that trust has taken time. As a devout Catholic, I've learned about mercy and forgiveness, understanding that if we seek forgiveness, we must also forgive those around us. Despite apologies from him and his acknowledgment of the gravity of his actions, it was a gradual process for me to forgive and trust him again.
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