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Learn To Develop A Growth Mindset

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Hannah Castillo
Mental Health Counselor, Life Coach
This short track discusses the difference between a growth and a fixed mindset. It offers strategies to help you begin to develop a growth mindset.
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9 reflections
Opposites attract
My husband has a fixed and I have a growth. I learned that we are a good balance. Yay us! 😃🥰🙏
Learning and reflecting on setbacks is an important way of growing
Growth mindset
This renforcés something we all innately know but usually don’t practise at the time using stumbling blocks as stepping stones!
Changing the way that we think changes the way that we feel
I am finally starting to understand that the way that I think about my feelings actually changes my feelings. It’s a wild concept, simple yet powerful
Changing the way we think
Love the use of the word "yet" here. I think it will help us get past limiting beliefs. Maybe give us a way to keep moving forward instead of feeling stuck.
Growth mindset
As always, I learned tips to make certain I'm in a growth mindset moat of the time. I really enjoyed this short but very helpful lesson!
Growth / fixed mindset
What an eye opening way to change my mindset by just changing my way of thinking by inserting the word yet
The setback
“I have not learned how to solve problems yet. “ It’s easy to give in to the failure because the set back I’m facing demands a different approach. Particularly when my faith is all that I think I was supposed try to find. This heartbreak shall pass. Navigating through emotions nd having expectations from people who don’t even pick up the phone to check back. This is what I was essentially thinking about while the therapy was speaking. I’m writing out my shame spiral because I need to see how self destructive it has been for my own personal growth. Somehow this will all work out one way or another. Being Alone is the only thing I can see making that happen however isolation is just as bad. Thank you for helping to seek balance today.
I leave for AZ today
I learned that it’s my own fault if I don’t learn something. Because it just takes a growth mindset and I should be able to do whatever anyone else can do.
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