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Learn Chakra Balancing

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Saqib Rizvi
Meditation Coach
This is the right practice to get introduced to our Chakra System. To many of us, the Chakra System is still an alien concept. Saqib will guide you through the process of Chakra Balancing that is easy to understand, follow and practice. It starts with a brief talk by Saqib explaining the concept so that you connect better with the meditation, followed by the guided practice. It is also a good exercise for regular practitioners of Chakra Balancing as they will experience a new and interesting approach to this practice. The Chakra Music in the background creates the perfect ambiance for this practice.
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Sarah Elizabeth
Excellent for beginner and champs alike!
This was a great experience for me this morning to clear and cleanse my energy for the day. But it was also a deepening of my appreciation and understanding of what I’m practicing and why I’m practicing with intention. This ushered me beyond the warm light sensation and allowed me to experience growth. I also was excited to share with my best friend who is exploring her own mindful journey as fresh meditator. ✨💛🙏 So much love and peace here.
Sarah Elizabeth
I awoke this Easter morning craving spirituality and connection, but unsure and unsatisfactorily found myself unsettled. I came to meditate and in my own way pray. I remembered the flow and guidanc I experienced in meditations past and chose this particular practice. With intent I leaned into each chakra. With fervor I readied myself along the way. And with humility I prayed specificity into each pathway of my internal being, color by color, that my emotions would be those of genuine and humble energy, that my communication would be clear and cut through the haze of the outside world, that my passion and my presence would radiate resilience and positive energy to all I encounter this week. Step for step through each intertwined chakra I sewed the discontent I woke up with to the restlessness from the week before and with the connection I was experiencing, formed the breath of affirmation to give life into next week. I appreciate the connection and experience of today and will treasure this day and moment. ✨ 🙏 namaste
First time experience
I was so aware of my body and the energy passing through it. Not in a way that was super intense but a gentle awareness of the light traveling through my body. I’m looking forward to experiencing deeper vibrations that resonate and travel through my body. This will become a part of my morning routine before I do any other meditation or mindfulness work. Blessed Be
I felt very calm and balanced after listening to this.
I learned about the colors associated with my chakras and what each one stands for. Thank you!
Walter J
Sitting on my bed with my back against the wall for support & reminder to sit up straight, I found myself totally focused on what was being said and cleared any of my own thoughts. Then I saw this white/clear shining light appear, spiraling & spinning out of the earth, out of my floor and bed until I was sitting in the middle of this spinning crystal ball. I felt safe, calm & connected. The prism analogy worked well as the light transformed into a rainbow of colors and was shining on me, highlighting my 7 centers. Feeling & “Seeing” this beautiful colorful Energy rolling into me at my base and filling me with a wonderful feeling of connectedness. I am one with it all, not The One, but a part of it, not apart from it. I slowly felt this colorful, spiraling, Energy balls work their way up thru all my Chakras - providing & delivering to me what I needed and taking away or absorbing what I no longer needed. And this trading-up of Energy levels continued thru my body, and up thru my crown to the heavens. I now feel, fresh, renewed,rejuvenated but at the same time - calm & serene! This is going to be a great day… I am primed for it… heck, maybe this will be my Best Day Ever!! Hope you are primed for a Great day too. If not, listen to this track. 👑 🟣 🔵 💚 🟡 🟠 🔴 Namaste, ☮️❤️🍀
A journey
I will be on this journey for a long while. I could connect with some and not others, telling me I am very unbalanced. Which I knew, but I feel like I have a better understanding of direction.
I was so completely relaxed from the sound of Saquib’s voice. He was so soothing.
I can work on balancing my chakras w short amounts of time.
Peace found its way in to my body
I have a noticeable change inside my body, which gives me a lot of hope that I’m going to improve the health of my mind body and soul. It feels like a wave of peace giving water has washed all over me, and everywhere it has touched my body has released its tension. I didn’t realize how tense I was until I wasn’t anymore. I think I have found the beginning of the rope, that with continued focus and strength, I can use to climb out of the darkness I have lost myself in.
Chakra balancing
In the midst of moving boxes I found some peace through this meditation. Your voice is comforting and your message much needed. I’m going to continue the chakras study. Love and blessings to you.
Just starting
Just starting the chakra healing process. I found this track valuable in understanding the chakras and what they mean. Looking forward to the rest of the series.
Grateful for Saqib
The essence of what chakras are in relation to the universe & our bodies was explain very well. This guided meditation was easy to follow & truly beneficial.
Hard day today realizing divorce is imminent
I need to stay centered and move forward. And care about me
My morning practice
I have been interested in the Chakras for a while now. This balancing meditation sets me up for a calming day ahead. I would highly recommend this for all 🙏🏼