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Leaning back and letting go

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Jiva Masheder
Mindfulness & Self-Compassion Teacher
We know that there is a strong connection between our posture and how we feel, but did you know that our posture can also influence our mood? try leaning back deliberately in this practice and see what happens.
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Leaning Back and Letting Go
I was imagining myself in a beautiful forest. I was leaning back into a huge tree. I was so supported and grounded and peaceful. What a wonderful way to start my day. It is also good to know that I can return to that support throughout the day.
Deeply relaxind
Accepting each sensation just as it it. Recognizing that each sensation is new and fresh. Letting go of things that do not serve us. This is being mindful and in the present.
Release fear, be confident
Fear consistently leads me to indecision and procrastination. Release fear, and give confidence a chance to better guide me. Namaste
Let go
Truly we just need to stop stressing over school or work and breath,stop and let go. So I encourage sitting back and calming down to breath
Leaning back and letting go
When I am tense, I do lean forward and tense my shoulders. It was a wonderful feeling to lean back into the world's embrace and just let go of things I can not change by worrying.
Another great 3 minutes! I need to lean back and let go more often! I actually felt my shoulders softening during this. At first, I didn’t feel as if I was letting go of the tension, until the practitioner reminded that each exhale was actually a letting go. The softening and releasing of tension in my body was amazing after that. I will definitely revisit this meditation. 🙏♥️💫
Quick Fix
Debb, thank you for your reflection. That is what caused me to try this one and I am glad I did. My mind plunked me down into Muir Woods once again and I found myself leaning back against my Giant Sequoia tree. Being there in the forest made it wonderfully easy to lean back and let go.
Letting go
I feel that letting go of my past life helps me move on my life with the future help me become stronger than I was ever before. Taking a deep breath and relax my mind and body every day.
I'm so tense
I'm honestly way too tense at the moment, I cant even feel normal at this point.. it's too much to worry about
Noting in this way is a great idea as it stops any judgement re what is going on whilst meditating
Leaning back
Leaning back and letting go helps. It helps realize to not sweat the small stuff.
Letting Go
I am a highly anxious person. As I start my new job today, I appreciated how this practice intentionally reminded me to be aware of nerves and tensions and to let go. I always have a cleansing breath to set my mind at ease.
Walter J
Just breathe in, lean back and let it go. Liked her phrase to look inside for any stress that was ripe for letting go. Funny but wise at the same time! Great advice Jiva! Just sitting on my porch when I started. She kept saying to lean back each breath and let my stress go and by the end I was almost horizontal with my legs kicked way out and my neck resting on the back of my chair! Very happy I was in a cushy chair to do this one. Thanks to the crickets and cicadas I had an nice background choir to help me relax. Kinda wish I had a hammock right now... ❤️✌🏼🍀
Leaning Back
Wow! What an incredible relaxing experience this meditation gave me! Jiva gives us a great reminder that if we allow our tension to release by breathing into it, it will release on its own time. We cannot force the tension out. As I laid into my lounge chair next to the pool, the sun’s warmth blanketed my body while a gentle breeze brushed up to my skin, just enough to counteract the warmth and make my body feel comfortable. Not too hot...not too cold, just right. I then began to breath out, lean back and let go. The more I focused my attention on my out breath, the more my body sank into my lounge chair and soften. I became so relaxed, I almost fell asleep! Even though it was difficult to get out of my inflatable lounge chair, it was well worth leaning back into it while listening to Jiva’s beautiful voice! Thank you, Jiva for leaving me feeling refreshed and rejuvenated! Namaste ❤️☮️🙏🏻😊
Getting better
My focus is getting better the more consist I am at meditating.
leaning back and letting go
I’m all about letting go, letting go off all the hate, all the bitterness, all of the bad heavy energy that only weights me down.
Leaning back and letting go
As you lean back and let go (with the out breath), you feel the stress, worries and troubles all leave. This leaves me with a calming effect!
It is hard to let it go
During this short practice I felt how hard is for me to let go of all the times I didn't fight for myself.
Leaning back...
..and letting go is such a helpful reminder during the day to release some tension!
I am immediately relaxed aged meditating and my body feels free and airy and I feel so relaxed
It is so important to give myself even at least 3 mins a day.
Let go and Listen
Letting stress go and listen to your body To feel relax and concentrate on our Body Is a great way to start your day.
Letting Go Allows a Briader Perspective
I learned that as I breathe out to let go I get a broader perspective. Even by an inch. It then allows me to reduce the stress that comes along with a thought or a task that needs to be done.
Letting go
I realized that even when I sense I am holding onto tension, I don't act on it. And it's always this feeling that if I let go, whatever that important thing is will go away. But this mindfulness session reminds me, "if it's important, it will come back; if it isn't, then it isn't," so it's okay to let go.
Letting go
I realize that when I sense tensions, I just have to let go.
This is brilliant
First time I hear such a practice, I do believe that we heal emotionally in our bodies as we suffer emotionally in our bodies. I absolutely save this track to practice it in the future, I also love the calm peaceful voice and the rhythm. Thank you! 🙏🏼
Leaning back
I loved this! I do sit forward with tension. What a simile yet effective practice
Just adding the reminder to lean back while letting go added an extra layer of relaxation I didn’t realize I needed. Nice quick exercise!
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