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Lead with Your Heart: a 'Spoken Word' Meditation

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Dorothy Zennuriye Juno
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
When you first wake, if you allow your attention to be on the thoughts of your mind then you immediately move yourself out of the experience of the present moment. You can become distracted by these thoughts and the feelings that arise from them. Join me in this beautiful 'spoken word' meditation for experiencing the beautiful nature of the present moment - and in allowing yourself to feel the energy of your heart centre. Focus your attention here as you breathe. Allow yourself to simply be. Let this be a sacred ritual of your daily morning practice :)) Namaste! xo dorothy
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Silly girl
Hoping leads to heartbreak. Hoping things will change, then they always stay the same. Hoping that things will get better to only be reminded of the struggle. Hoping that I will recognize how I need to change. So I can let go of the sadness. Healing a broken heart is hard work.
Lead with your Heart: A spoken word meditation
This challenged my preconceptions. The idea of waking and following the lead of my heart instead of diving deep into my minds reaction to the perceived problems of the day has really been a deep and difficult lesson for me. To use the heart and to lead with how you feel is both difficult and uplifting.
Dorothy is truly a gentle master of guided meditation
How fortunate that Dorothy shares her gift ! Lead with your heart .
In every moment of every day, we make choices. These choices dictate our mindset. Our mindset dictates our attitude and perceptions, which in turn, affects the next moment we live. In this beautiful session, we breath from our heart center as we contemplate Dorothy’s words of wisdom to wash over us. Upon waking, majority of us go right into thinking mode. But, as Dorothy states, having our thoughts consume us right away upon waking takes us out of present moment awareness. Instead, she suggests we take a few moments to feel from our heart center. When we feel from our heart center, we allow our authentic self to shine. Allowing our authentic self to shine, we are not allowing our thoughts to fool us. Because of that, we allow ourselves to truly feel. Faced with abundant choices as we go about our day, Dorothy suggests that we periodically ask ourselves, what choices would I make if I allowed my heart to lead? Taking a moment to ask ourself this question gives us a moment to stop, feel and then proceed. In this way,we are remaining true to our authentic self. Breathing from my heart center, I allowed Dorothy’s words to wash over me. Contemplating her words, I was reminded of what I do upon awakening. Upon awakening, I begin to tap various parts of my body to get energy flowing as I say thank you for the opportunities of a new day and set intentions. Then while doing an energetic breath technique, I state three things: what I’ll let go of, things I’m grateful for and what I’ll focus on as my day unfolds. As I brush my teeth and get dressed, I recite a loving kindness mantra. Doing these things helps to align my body, mind and spirit for my upcoming day. Leading from our heart, we will naturally be kind to others as well as to ourselves. Leading from our heart, we will naturally choose actions that are beneficial for all. We will naturally do these things because when we lead from our heart, we will naturally choose love every time. Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
Finding heart
I learnt that I'm programed to wake up every morning to think, "what do I need to do today?" This need to do is other people based. I also go to bed every night thinking, "did I do enough today? Is everyone happy?," by focusing on my heart I think of me and not dwell on others. Very insightful 😊
Feeling my heart space and expanding it first thing was beautiful.
Stay aware of how my heart is feeling throughout the day. Stay in the present moment and make the decision to be in the now and feel with my heart space.
Negative thoughts
My family has been going through a very terrible loss. After reading some very good material and experiencing some very amazing meditations I have come to the realization that I manifested this with my negative thoughts. My ego had taken over me in a drastic way that I was totally unaware of until recently. I except full responsibility for all that has transpired. I am more powerful than I ever truly expected, I just never realized what I was doing with all that anger and negativity being projected to the Universe. It will not be easy but I am confident that I can be diligent in my progress to full kindness and whole hearted love being projected to all around me (even those, that for what ever reason I felt didn’t deserve it). I didn’t really think I needed as much help as I do, but these meditations have served me very well in my time of need. You were one of the first coaches on this app that really touched me deeply and can not thank you enough Dorothy.
It was hard to keep focused and not let thoughts wander
I need to do this more often and truly turn inward and focus.
❤ 💙 💜
I learned to let go and relax with my breath work and feel the expansion of my heart.
Heart love felt…
I enjoyed disappearing into the wisdoms shared…the letting go and allowing the flow be all that was to be.
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