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Law of Awareness

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Cass Carlopio
Sleep Expert, Psychologist & Meditation
This guided meditation invites the listener to explore the Law of Awareness: Whatever we are willing to be with, we move beyond.
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Law of Awareness
“If you are willing to stay with it, you will move beyond it.” I could wish that I had this wisdom earlier in my life; it would have saved a lot of fear and anxiety. Instead, I am grateful that I have the knowledge now!♥️ Like many other things in life, I could not have fully appreciated the place I am now if I didn’t have the comparison of where I once was. So very grateful. 🙏
Law of awareness
This meditation flew by. I need to remember the terms of this Law, that whatever you are willing to sit with, you move beyond. Does that mean like on a highway, you ride alongside the car in the next lane for a while, but then you’re going slightly faster so you end up passing them? I’m just not sure I’m getting this. I may repeat this one in the morning when my brain is a little more functional. 🙂
The law of awareness
I found this meditation to stimulate relief and relaxation I felt so much more confident by the end I could feel it in my breath.would definitely recommend
Relaxing 🦋🙏
This meditation was just what I needed. Simply sitting quietly and being aware of things that I had mentally been trying to shove aside gave me a peaceful, easy feeling, rather than weighing me down. I am grateful and ready to embark on the rest of my day. Thank you, Cassandra! 🙏
Walter J
With her guidance, I was noticing noises and thoughts but not letting them distract me. It somehow felt both empowering and relaxing!?! Thanks Ms English for noticing and sharing this practice!! ❤️👍🏼🍀
The Law of Awareness states: whatever we are willing to be with, we move beyond. This law tells us about living in nonresistance, or rather acceptance and surrendering to what is. When we are resistant, meaning we are trying to change whatever comes our way, we can, unbeknownst to us, create even more suffering and pain in our lives. We do this because our ego takes over and we begin to identify our sense of self with the suffering and pain. In order to move beyond, we must be with whatever it is or else we can become stuck in our mind. For these reasons, it is very important for us to surrender to what is, whether it be emotions, discomfort, sounds, or what have you to be with us so that we can move through it and beyond. As I settled in my chair and used my breath as my anchor, I became aware of my surroundings. I became aware of any and all bodily sensations occurring, sounds, emotions and thoughts and allowed them to be as they were while using my breath as my anchor. Without changing anything, I surrendered to what was. This gave me a sense of peace, a sense of freedom. The end result: I am alert and present in the Now. We all feel the need to change things when we see that things aren’t as we want them to be. As mentioned before, this need to change, this non-resistant mindset, will create more suffering in the forms of anger, frustration, even anxiety. Instead, if we surrender to what is, we can bypass that negativity and ultimately, move beyond. Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
Focus on small things like sounds and random thoughts helps to bring me back to present moment
The idea of letting the thought come and then choosing to turn back to the breath can make you realize you have the power to not let these thoughts control you
I learned that taking a few minutes just to be calm and just be is relaxing and a good way to start the day off on a more positive foot with intention
That a few minutes at start of day focusing on breathe makes you aware
I learned that it is important to befriend thoughts but also to let them go
Very Peaceful
Very peaceful to just be instead of changing things and thoughts sometimes.
Easy to drop in
That was a nice one to quickly connect to, not a lot of preamble. I was able to notice and let my thoughts pass without holding on or being too conscious of letting them go either, well guided.