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Lake Meditation

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Donny Ells
Storytelling Expert, Narrator
Meditation can be effortless and relaxing. Listen to the words of the Lake Meditation and allow the lake of water to appear in your mind. Focus on the shimmering, glittering, and gentle ripples on the surface. Gently feel the waters of the lake wash over you and practice your breathing.
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Lake Meditation
Favorite quote : “everything that’s been bothering you, it’s like it never existed”
Thank you
Simple but powerful meditation that helped me to refocus on more positivity with images of those negative thoughts floating away in the Lake.
Positive thinking
Positive thinking is very important , Because letting go of negative emotions in favor positive ones , Will allow for more joy in your life. We have a choice whether or not to strive for positive thoughts. I was feeling kind of down before I started this practice, but now I know but I focusing on my breathing in the imagery of the lake , I can restore my attention to positive thoughts. This is definitely an exercise I will use in the future. I found both the coach’s Voice in the practice itself to be very relaxing.
Lake Meditation
I can free up a whole mindset just by not letting my negative thoughts intrude on that territory that once was being encroached upon by dangerous mind zappers. Mind zappers are anything that you let take your happy self over in a destructive manner. That can be negative thoughts , or speak or expressions by your outwardly demeanor. Thanks for the reminder.
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