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Kindness to Friends

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Karuna Priya
Meditation Teacher & Former Monk
One of the best ways to feel love and appreciation in life is to think of your loved ones. They may be friends, mentors or family members. Think of their kindness or your natural love and care for them. Wish them to be well and happy.
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Happy.... Hopeful. Motivated. Stronger than before.. I finally feel like I found something that helps- what’s best is it’s easily accessible anywhere anytime alone or with a companion. The difference it makes in my life has been ground breaking. The progress I’ve made so far has been beautifully displaying itself this past week especially, parading around like my personal muse. Leann, baby... wow. You are fucking incredible... you helped me find the inspiration to get all of this started... thank you so much....
Stay still
Stay still & feel everything and everyone that surrounds you. In our fast paced society, we often disregard our own emotions to go about the day. When we get home, we feel drained; at times, unloved & unimportant. Stay still & think about the people you have touched and vice versa. That holds a great deal of power in our lives! Because we’re able to touch each other, not only physically, but also spiritually. Know that you are loved; you are important.
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