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Jiva Masheder
Mindfulness & Self-Compassion Teacher
Kindness is something we can never have too much of in our lives. And like any quality of mind, it can be cultivated. Don't worry if you don't feel anything - you're sowing and cultivating seeds whether you feel anything or not.
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Marques Pizarro
I learned that wishing others well brings joy and gratitude to myself. I felt calm, peaceful, and abundant, wishing others the best day and a happy life. I feel kinder. Wishing myself well made me more peaceful. At ease with the external world. Accepting. I enjoyed the memories I have made with the people I wished well. I can’t wait for more beautiful moments with them. And myself.
I haven’t done a kindness practice in a bit and this was a wonderful reminder that I can be kind to everyone starting with me.
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