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Kindness As Love + a Tribute to George Floyd

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Dorothy Ratusny
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
There is something else that we must look at now.  Now as we continue to navigate life; as we return to some of what has been absent; finding our way to a new and better way of life even as some aspects of this may take time to become what we are used to.  There is something more that we are being called to examine; to change if these beliefs conflict with what we know to be the right choice. Right now in a world torn by differing beliefs; beliefs that have been taught to us by those who also did not have all of the right information; those who may have been living in fear, unknowing of what it truly means to live with your heart open and to be of kindness first and foremost unto yourself.   Because when we learn how to treat ourselves kindly; how to change the thoughts that we want to hold that are remarkable; that instill within us the examples of love and compassion; of resiliency; and inner strength; of teaching ourselves and our children how to live as our inherent goodness and to always do the right thing.  Then we become a home, a community, a nation and a planet in which amongst our differences we share the commodity of loving grace; of treating each other with dignity, respect, kindness - for beneath the colour of our skin, the clothes we wear, beneath the thoughts that we might hold or our learned beliefs; we are all of the same physical structure; our hearts beat - we walk and run, we can use our hands to form the universal symbol of peace or to disrespect another.   What we are reminded of in the world at this time is a global pandemic of a different nature and one that is equally important. We are reminded of how intolerance, rage, suffering, violence... spreads. It is a disease - a virus of its own nature, if allowed to persist.   This brave new world that we are being thrust forward into is a world that must be founded on the protection of love and kindness. Kindness is Love. -enjoy this and with it, the remembering of kindness as love.. xo dorothy
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