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Kind Breathing

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Jiva Masheder
Mindfulness & Self-Compassion Teacher
We can cultivate an attitude of kindness towards ourselves with a practice of affectionate breathing, enjoying the soft feeling of the air entering and leaving the body.
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Breathing is...
I learned that breathing is a way of caressing your body from the inside. And I could push myself to consider the warmth and comfort I can use to soothe myself. This was helpful bc I woke up with a bit of anxious thinking.
Kind Breathing
I love the idea that breathing is a way of caressing our body from the inside out. ♥️. As much as I enjoyed this meditation, I was once again reminded that there are certain words or phrases in breathing meditations that trigger my fears around not breathing. I am grateful for the awareness that this is an issue I need to devote some attention. 💫🙏💫
Just Breathe!
In the 7-minute version all you have to do is breathe! I found this to be a very calming, soothing meditation as my breath naturally slowed and lengthened. 🙏
Kind breathing
I like the idea of kind breathing. I often breathe too harshly when trying to calm down and it takes longer to calm. I will definitely be reflecting on this as I go through my day.
Caressing and Kindess
I enjoyed imaging my breathe caress my inside and really got into a good rhythm of breathing.
Kind Breathing
What a simple and easy way to be kind to yourself. I need to remind myself with things get stressful, just come to the kind caress of the breath.
Not the same but im sure its me… Boring
I heard this mediation but it just floated by. In a stressful state, there were no tendrils on which to grasp as usual when listening to her, my Beloved Voice of Meditative Auras.
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