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Karuna Hum ( I am compassion)

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David Hughes
Relaxation & Sleep Music Composer
Karuna Hum is a Sanskrit mantra that can be used as a silent focus of meditation, whispered or chanted aloud. Karuna: A deep compassion and universal love for all beings, which are connected through a shared consciousness. Hum: I am. The mantra can help achieve a deep sense of compassion and connection with others. It reduces or even removes any false sense of separation and defensiveness against others, and cultivates feelings of deep love and kindness.
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Compassion ❤️
Reciting the mantra “I am compassion “ while focusing on my breath I feel a strong connection to my heart’s center. This beautiful feeling continues to grow stronger shining outward like a beacon of light. I am glowing in the light of love. May my light of love, compassion, and kindness reach all of those that I come in contact with today including myself. Thank you David for creating this beautiful session. It is one I will listen to often.
Juliana Oppenheimer
I enjoyed the layering of voice, instrumental, and what seemed like nature sounds. I am unfamiliar with chanting and it seems like it might help me.
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