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Kapalbhati Breath - Frontal Lobe Cleanse

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Ivy LoveLanguage
Meditation, Yoga and Energy Facilitator
Kapalbhati is a yogic breathing technique to assist with cleansing. Also referred to as frontal cleansing or skull shining. It works by warming the body, stimulating the digestive system, and clearing the frontal lobe from overthinking. When focused on breathing completely, you cannot focus on any thought. Sit up tall, spine long. You may place your hands on your belly to remind physically remind yourself to pump from the belly. It is an active exhalation through the nose rhythmically, allowing the inhalation to naturally occur. Once you can maintain a rhythm, you can simultaneously bring your awareness to the space between the eyebrows feeling light illuminating and becoming brighter. Excellent morning breath to warm you up for the day.