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Just Being with What Is

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Cindy Wolk-Weiss, BSW
Mindfulness Meditation Teacher & Healer
Meditation is about being with what arises in our life and in our meditation practice. Most of our stress comes from the struggle of wanting things to be a certain way. When we learn to be with what life has offered us, we can relax a bit and become fully present and heal. Join me today for a gentle breath meditation.
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Focusing on the breathing is deeply relaxing and a good practice to slow down during the stress of life.
just being with what is
I felt extremely relaxed after this as I focused on my breathing.
Just Being with What Is
What “was” during the meditation was a mind all over the map. Cindy Wolk-Weiss did a great job guiding this meditation, my mind “running away from home” to quote Nitima, wasn’t the fault of the meditation. And in fairness to my mind, I was able to acknowledge each path my mind strayed down and pull it back to center with ease. I probably should have done a short focusing meditation session first to help focus my mind before trying this 15 minute meditation.
loved it! felt like im going to fall asleep but i was still awake, completely switched me off
i can really calm down my busy thoughts, i can sink in deeply and hear voice, sound and my own breath, feel so relaxed and ready for deep sleep nite ❤️
Soft Belly Breathing
This is one of my go to meditations for relaxation. The sound of her voice is so therapeutic. I remember the first time I heard her soft belly breathing and thought it was an odd phrase but it is so true. A perfect description of the state your belly needs to be in to be relaxed! I want to breathe like a baby, trusting and open. No fear!
its hard to let go of the ideas etc popping up while im doing it
Just being sounds so simple.
Hardest thing I've ever done, also the most rewarding.Chaos is optional.
Soften belly
I learn to soften the belly to relax let it be wat its going to be
I learned to just relax and let things be. Was very peaceful
Just Be
Being with what is, we welcome and allow all sensations to be as they are. Allowing our breath to be our anchor to the present, we find that our thoughts, emotions and sensations rise and fall in each moment. Knowing that we were here prior to those things rising and falling in our consciousness, we realize that we can’t be any thoughts, emotions or sensations. Getting settled, I brought my awareness to follow my breath into my belly. With my belly softened, I felt the walls expand and contract with each new rising and falling of my breath. With my awareness on my breath, I witnessed thoughts coming and going. Without attaching a story to any one thought, the bubbling and dissolving of these thoughts occurred without any resistance from me. Continuing to have my awareness on my breath, I witnessed various emotions rising and falling. Being a witness to these emotions, I saw them as clouds passing on by the sky of my consciousness. By allowing everything in these moments to just be, I felt a sense of freedom from any attachment. Free from any attachments, I am able to just be. Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
Body and mind are one
I learned that I feel stress and anxiety in my chest and belly. Laying down, relaxing my body and focusing on my breath soothed my physical discomfort which soothed my emotional discomfort.
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