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Just 'Be' - a Guided Meditation

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Dorothy Zennuriye Juno
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
"Witness the stillness that exists - in the brief moments between each expanded 'in-breath and each glorious letting go of 'out-breath. Be the stillness that exists after each exhalation and before you take a new 'in-breath. Let the motion of breath flow as you are present to it." - Namaste! With gratitude and love, Dorothy MUSIC: Solarsoul 'event horizon original'
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3 reflections
Simply Wonderful
Than you my lovely lady, Dorothy. So soothing, so healing.😊
This meditation was confusing, and the goal was unclear (grounding, maybe?). The narrator invites you to notice the inhalation and the exhalation but also to focus on the space after the exhalation. I normally enjoy this narrator’s meditations, but this one felt unhelpful.
Appreciating Stillness
In those moments when I am able to find stillness from within by fully connecting to my breath as well as my surroundings is where I find happiness. Sitting outside..I inhale slowly to the count of 4 taking in the cool crisp air of the morning while focusing on my heart’s center. Pausing at the top of my inhale, I let the fresh air fill my body with new life sustaining energy. I am truly grateful for this moment of solitude to just simply be. As I slowly exhale to the count of 4, feelings of calm and contentment wash over me. I am smiling.Feeling grateful to be alive. Grateful to have this gift of using my breath to connect with the earth that fills my spirit with a sense of wellbeing. Thank you Dorothy for creating this beautiful meditation! This is one I will definitely revisit. Namaste!🙏
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