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Just As It Is

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Lauren Ziegler
Sleep Coach and Yoga Therapist
Bit by bit, tune into your inner world for these moments and notice what it's like to be you right now in your life. Happy? Ok. Unhappy? Ok. No need to figure anything out or fix anything, just let it be as it is. In this session, we see what that's like. Using a body-based technique, we practice this with the body. You may get insight into what else can be, just as it is.
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11 reflections
Wonderful, just allowing everything to be exactly as it is. Such a great way to set the tone for the day.
Just As It Is
Amazing, I felt so wonderful after this session. I actually went back and re-played the session over
Just as i am
This literally made me fall in love with every part of myself. Just...I'm happy and grateful, thankful to be me :)
Going Through All We Have
Going bit by bit through he body allowed me to focus on every body part and bless it with gratitude for the roles it provides me in my life and ending the meditation with an abundance of gratitude for my body!
Always enjoy ground up meditations
i find its easier to fall into a kind of "zone" with meditations like these that rotate focus from specific parts of the body. Always enjoy using these to clear my head in the afternoon.
Just be
I learned that I can just be for a few moments and nothing terrible will happen.
I learned that I am a living, breathing human and I am doing well as I am, I do not need to change as I am I just like anybody else.
Just as it is
Everything in my life is just as it is. And just as it should be. I will hold that thought with me at all times. Thank you
Hip bone connected to the... cerebral cortex
If at first you don't succeed Deep breath in exhale and breathe Only through past meditations have I harnessed the ability to focus as instructed in this meditation. I'm am so grateful for the ability to isolate and direct my thoughts in such away. My gout ravished feet and ankles. Both knees in desperate need of replacement surgery (one already replaced 20 years ago) hips that have sustained my 400 plus pounds frame for nearly 25 years. Broken ribs, arthritis stricken spine, and hands. Two fingers on my right hand numb for 3 years now, and this constant ringing in my right ear the passed three days (I see doctor tomorrow) Yet my mind is sharp, and through mere concentration and focus I just momentarily soothed it all. Thank you!! Namaste 🙏🏾
Be just how you are
In this moment, don't worry, plan, fix, regret, anticipate...just be as you are. Powerful and helpful stuff for a person often replaying the past and stressing over the future.
I need to let my body be as it is Both my left and my right side. And that just because my right side works harder, doesn't mean I should ignore it as if it's always okay. It deserves attention too.
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