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Joy Over Judgment

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Jaisa Sulit
Mindful Self-Compassion Coach & OT
It's human to judge. Yet it can be challenging to not judge ourselves when we become aware of how we judge - ourselves, each other & life. This meditation guides us to respond to our judgments with joy - joy in the opportunity to grow - every time we notice that judgment has arisen.
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Say goodbye to judgement
While breathing during this meditation I thought of judgements I have had of people and as I breathed out I imagined releasing that judgement and breathing back in joy. A great morning meditation to start out the day.
Focus on joy
It feels so much better to focus on joy. It really is as easy as making the decision to pay attention to any judgement and put it aside to fill that space with joy. A great reminder to decide to let more joy into life.
Joy over judgement
Judgement is a choice. A lot of my judgement is directed towards myself and it’s taking away my joy. I need to be conscious of when these judgements arise and learn to let them go.
The law of attraction 🖖🏽
Judgement on self
I judge myself so much daily with stresses of life such as school and work and my performance of myself and others around me and I realized that when you realese that judgement and breather air and remember the joys you are taking in with that energy you can feel renewed as you breather out the negative thoughts and be happy in choosing to do so, because w have the freedom to be happy! And choose happiness above all!
Elsie the cow
driving my daughter to school pre-dawn darkness stopped at a light back door of the big lorry milk truck directly in front of us painted brightly in browns, yellows, oranges and reds with the smiling face of a happy heifer. The name Elsie written in cursive on the bottom right side. when my mother was adopted her new parents named her after the dairy company’s mascot. She’s been gone for fifteen years now but not a day goes by... my daughter resembles her so much it sometimes gives me goosebumps. we both smiled as we gazed at my mother’s namesake then the light turned green we continued on our way.
I learned that it’s not to live life by thinking people control you. Take off judgement and bring in joyful ness!
Joy over judgement
I can be aware of whatever negative feeling I am experiencing. Acknowledge it. Then choose to experience joy and serenity instead. Thank you
Self Impartial Observation
This is something that my coworker was teaching me... about reflecting on my emotions but pulling myself away from my emotions and just observing them as they are and understanding that I am more than that and my emotions are NOT me. Also, it is easy to be joyful, joy comes from within your soul. So, I need to dig deeper to understand myself and explore the joyous side of life. I have also realized that I may judge others but I judge myself more harshly and more in general. I have to begin to love myself in its entirety so I can truly feel and express the joy.
Ah judgement
Say ah judgement and smile every time I notice myself judging something
Little things
I learned during this meditation that I can allow myself to experience pure joy from little things that have once brought me that same feeling. Today, for me that was listening to the birds chirp from the patio. Bandit was behind me and quiet all but one time.
I am free to choose what to give my attention to. What a powerful choice that is!
Very useful
Will try for sure this switch... thanks for this supporting meditation
I choose joy
Over the last few weeks my days have been up and down with my moods. Today learning to acknowledge judgement and release it so I can feel joy is such a powerful feeling. I will consciously choose joy every time I feel a judgement coming upon me towards either myself or someone else. I will let that go and find my place of joy. 🙂
Combatendo o julgamento
Ter consciência do julgamento e voltar ao momento(realidade) eh fomentar a alegria e o contentamento
Letting go of judgement & choose joy
I always thought others are too lazy/disoriented in life; meanwhile I know what I want and I work 200% to get it. I now am stressed with work, tired, & had sacrificed too much of my time with friends and family for work. Need to relax and focus more on what brings me happiness. How to be successful and how to live a happy life are 2 very different questions.
Love this one
I love the pauses without talking where we get to try out noticing our judgements & focusing on the breath. Great for before bed!
The transition from judgement to joy is not easy and does not come naturally to me. This is an area where I will need more practice.
Judge vs. Joy
The moment you let go of judgment you allowed joy to come into your life more. It’s important to recognize when you’re judging yourself or others and then let that go so that joy may come in.
I learned that I don’t have to earn the approval of others to make myself happy. I simply have to do my best, be kind, and focus on joy.
Taking back control
I am in control of my thoughts and the effect they have on my emotions. My emotions do not control me.
Focus on the breath
Today I noticed I was very short tempered at work. I just woke up feeling anxious and unhappy. I didn’t want to go to work and deal with the ridiculousness that goes on. I made it. I focused on my breathing while driving and getting ready. When I lost my breath I focused on each step in getting ready and came back to my breath. I noticed with this meditation I felt acidic with anxiety. Ugh. Feeling acidic sucks! Regrouping and focusing on my breath has helped me get through the day and not cling to the emotions as they arise. And it helped to simply notice the feeling of acid and it’s association.
Walter J
Joy vs Judging...
The yellow rosebush looks at the red rose bush & says “you look different from me.” Not capable of judging the red rosebush replies, “Yes & together we bring more color & joy to the world!" Being Human, I am able to think & make choices... I can either have joy someone is different from me (making the world more colorful & interesting) or I can judge them as better or worse than me (ending in feelings of inferiority or superiority neither of which are great!) It seems too obvious - I chose to be joyful & enjoy a more color-full world all around me. ✌🏼❤️
Found it quite difficult to meditate tonight but really liked the idea of replacing judgement with joy
I have worries as oppose to judgement and that I have many things to be joyful for.
I noticed the breathing is helpful when you have those worries in life.
I learned to be calm and relieved what is inside of you body. Take me to choose another experience.
Ahh, judgement
This sentiment gives me hope for when I am judgmental or myself. I will try and acknowledge it and let it go.
Judgement or joy, I can't have both
I examine myself, and I learn that whenever I judge my behavior, or others', I am not happy. It is true for me that judgement is opposed to joyfulness. What is then the mental operation to follow? Appreciation of what is good and admirable, gratefulness too. Observation of what is harmful or ugly, to learn not to replicate it in me, or with others. This way, joy is always in me, and it doesn't fade away.
At first it was hard to focus, but once I listened to what she said, it really made sense.
I did not connect to this session
I found it boring and dull. I'm not at all certain what the practitioner expected me to be finding to pass judgement upon while I listened. Well? On with this Thanksgiving Day! Happy Thanksgiving to all of my Aura Tribe! I wish you a relaxing day filled with the three ”F”s of this holiday: Family, Food and Fun!
When judgement comes, think of something joyful, kind, big or small and focus intentionally on that thought b
Freedom to Choose
When judgement arises in our mind, we can tend to get down on ourselves, thinking of the ‘should have’s’, etc. I know I have spent way too much time judging in my life. Thus, it has become something I want to decrease in my life. In this wonderful meditation, we learn how to decrease our judgments and thus, increase our joy through being present with the power of the breath. I settled in and began to observe my breathing. Eventually, my mind began to wander and went into judgement mode. Following Jaisa’s guidance, I acknowledged this judgement, let it go and went back to being aware of my breathing body. By being aware of my breathing body, my mind became still and once again, joy was able to reveal itself in my heart space. Joy for just being able to breath in this body. Joy just for this moment, where I have the freedom to choose my thoughts. We all have the freedom to choose what we want to focus on. If pesky judgements do enter our mind, there are ways to counteract them through acknowledging, letting go and bringing our awareness to our breath. By doing these things, we can and will increase joy in our lives! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️