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Journaling Prompts for Self Esteem

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Life Coaching
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Jordana Reim
Spiritual Guide & Transformational Coach
Reflection and journaling accelerate your personal awareness and growth. In this track, you'll receive two reflections that you can use for awareness and growth. The first prompt helps you understand your value and the second prompt helps you to recognize what you're already doing that is working well for you.
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Walter J
Great idea Jordana! Love the idea of journaling prompts. Thanks!! I am going to go with the 10 things in my life that will still matter most 10 years from now: 1) my incurable optimistic attitude 2) my “direct” connection to God thru Jesus (ok that should probably be #1) 3) my ability to always look for the silver lining in events and find it. 4) being able to find the good in everyone 5) my piles of creative notes turning into multiple books 6) my daily readings from the 4-5 books beside my bed and in my bathroom (aka reading room) 7) drinking 6-9 bottles worth of water every day & 1 throughout the night 8) chewing my food a lot until it is masticated so it will digest easier and I will actually get more nutrition out of eating less. 9) drinking hot water with lemons before most meals to set off my digestion process. 10) (saving the best for last) being able to quiet my mind, hear God and gain wisdom thru meditating. 11) breathing deeply @ least 3 breathes - several times a day - clears lungs & head! 12) daily stretching, moving or yoga moves Great way to get us thinking positive! Thanks! ❤️☮️🍀
Journal Prompts
Journaling is one of the best things we can do for ourselves as it allows us to purge ideas and thoughts from festering in our mind. In this life coaching session, Jordana gives us two journaling prompts designed for increasing our self esteem. The five qualities someone might admire about me is my sense of honesty, determination, adventurism, kind nature and authenticity. The ten things I do currently that I feel will most matter in ten years are as follows: meditation practice, qigong practice, gratitude practice, walks in nature, writing yoga nidra and meditation scripts, treating everyone, including myself with kindness, focusing on the good in life, letting friends and family know how much I appreciate them in my life, reading and taking a pause to just breathe in the moment. Thank you for these journaling prompts, Jordana! After reading my responses, I have a sense of gratitude for all that I am and for everything I currently do! Please share more prompts! I’d love to hear more of them! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
Journaling prompts
These are helpful for me as I often need to come out of my self perceptions and remember that others value me
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