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It's Going To Be Okay

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Heather Gilmartin, LMSW
Mindfulness & Meditation Teacher
Take a deep breath, it's going to be okay. This gentle meditation is an immediate recentering to calm yourself after high stress or intense emotions. Use this practice as many times as needed when dealing with regulating your emotions.
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jess 🧡
i’m going to be okay
i loved this meditation. just feeling some reassurance and knowing that everything will be okay is such a great feeling. being in the middle of my exam period i really needed to hear this. thank you 🙏
It's going to be okay
I feel relaxed and calm. I'm safe. It's going to be okay. No matter what is happening around me. I'm near negative energy from a person. I began to feel anxiety. Nervous. Why am I here again with him? He's moody. Last evening he was so loving. This morning was nice. Now his mood has changed. He wants assistance with something, and when I try to help he's barking orders and rude. I quietly left the room and here I am. I'm getting stronger. I'm making sure to practice self love. I get what I need after pausing. I will not give in to reactions or impulses. Thank you for calming me.
Short but perfect
It’s so good to just hear, you’re going to be ok. It helps me believe it’s true
Words matter
It’s calming and freeing to be able to say to myself it’s going to be ok. Cos at the end of the day, it really is. I’m just accepting that reality ahead of time. Beats believing the opposite and be crippled by fear and anxiety. If being ok is what I wish, I might as well will it.