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It's Curiosity, Not Creativity

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Tudor Alexander
Follower of Jesus Christ
One of the biggest hangups that gets people on the search for life purpose is that they are not talented or creative. In this short lesson, I discuss my belief that it is less about talent and more about cultivating the universal quality we all share - curiosity.
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..Makes me more aware of Time... My wonders are so many that I can't escape the reality that I will not experience some....time is precious. There are nearly infinite wonders I may still.
I feel curious about whats happening in my brain.
I’ve learned that I am strong in my creativity I am calm and relaxed today
We are all born with the same innate ability to create. In fact, our own very nature of the breath creates life for all of us! We often don’t realize this. Rather we think we must be talented in some form or another in order to find our purpose. In this profound life coaching session, we learn that talent has nothing to do with finding our purpose in life. In fact, the only thing we must be willing to explore is our own curiosity. Take a few moments to put your curiosity cap on. Now ask yourself, what are you naturally drawn to? If you had more time, what would you be doing? What is it that excites you? Personally, I am naturally drawn to walking in nature, photography, animals and meditation. It doesn’t take effort to meditate each morning. In fact, I would wager that it is my meditation practice that has molded me into a better photographer, for I am much more present to unfolding moments. I am more present to the life that surrounds me. Sometimes I just watch animals breathe. As I do, I become aware of my own body breathing. It is in these beautiful moments that I feel amazingly grateful for this dance with life. Because I am curious, I am naturally guided to my purpose. Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️