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Dr. Alexis Moreno
Psychologist, Dating & Relationship Expert
Lounging and avoiding feels so good! That is until it starts impairing you from engaging in other dating and relationship activities that use to bring you pleasure. Let's explore what's missing and set you up for more pleasure in your life.
From the community
8 reflections
I enjoyed the immediate call to action to help boost mood and love. Action is what brings change and change is if it’s what we are after is the goal.
Trying To Repair
I’m hoping I can try to adapt this to the situation I’m in. I’m struggling with depression and it’s causing a lot of the aspects of my marriage to suffer, so I’m trying to find ways to work on that. I’m hoping I can adapt this lesson/call to action to work with us so I can try and repair where we’re at, but this message seems to be geared more towards singles or dating folks. Hopefully it’ll still have the intended affect, and I did try to write down and schedule something.
Getting some action?
I learned that I need to find different options in that arena of life and love. There’s a fine line between enabling and control. Healthy support is the key.
Controlling Emotions
When you act on the positive impact of things in your relationship, DO NOT Resist or hold back to your feelings reinforce positive thoughts actions or emotions
Dating and relationship behaviors
Used to bring pleasure - Sex, dates, cuddle, adventure, laugh, updating and maintaining a sexy dating profile. Texting someone back. Sharing a meal and quality time. Attentively engage. Dedicate time Past actions - what’s missing I feel ugly, they’re nowhere to be found, I don’t feel sexy Emotion- frustration, lazy, Makes me act lazy Then go explore anyways
I have sad feelings when I think about a romantic encounter not going well, it is usually me who doesn’t like them and that makes me sad. I know why I won’t try to date now, my avoidance of anything painful.
It Takes Action
I’m dating a married man. I know his marriage is not happy. All his family & friends have told me they haven’t seen him this happy in years. But he’s a good man & she can cry & carry on about losing her house which is paid for for 10 years& he can’t see a woman cry. He tells me he loves me & I truly love him but it’s tearing me apart. I want him with me. I never had the holding & affection he gives me. I only received criticism & coldness all my life . From my family to my husband. I didn’t even think of having a relationship for 7 years after J died. Not a Thought! But God sent Danny to wake all my pre marriage feelings up again. I regret that I can’t be seen in public with him. I want to hold his hand & walk down the street. I want to go for dinner. I want people to say did you see Danny & Linda? They look good together. I want to be loved. I’m a good person. I deserve it. I carried my cross. Help me Dear Lord🙏
Rekindling a relationship
With time even the love of your life can become a chore if you stop working on it. This call to action was the stimulus needed to get out of a self imposed rut of monotony. Time is precious, use it wisely.