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It Matters What You Say

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Emotional Intelligence
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Dorothy Zennuriye Juno
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
Communication is everything. How can you become better at speaking your truth so that you can reveal the true essence of what you need to say - what you must say - without hurting another, without causing damage to a relationship - while still giving yourself a voice - a stand - an opinion? In this episode of Life Coaching WISDOM, I share three strategies to help you become more effective in your communication. Sending you much love, xo dorothy Namaste!
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Some very good advice
A good lesson on communication. Being mostly house-bound these days, my scope for communication is rather limited! Thankfully, my beautiful wife and i, in twenty years together, have an oft-spoken understanding, which keeps real hurt feelings to a bare minimum! Sort of a running gag if you will, we know when things get heated, and we target one another, that it’s because ”you're the only one here for me to be angry with!” We bear the open brunt of each other’s ire, and move right past it, usually acknowledging the situation verbally! Hey! It works for us!🤣
Words matter
A pause is a meaningful thing to take for yourself and those with whom you communicate. Why risk your karma or another’s due to impatience. Use time to everyone’s advantage.
Healthy relationships
Healthy relationships are essential , I need to maintain healthy relationships that help and encourage me and others with love and Jesus
Walter J
It really Does matter what we say. We create vibrations with our words, that direct the Universe to start to manifest. God spoke creation into existence thru the Universe according to the Bible, right?! So be careful what you say. Think about it... if you say “I feel great!” You will notice good things going on around you to make you feel great! Tell yourself you are tired or stressed and watch how tired & stressed you (& probably others around you) will become. And please do not say things like “my feet are ‘killing’ me” after standing all day...🙄 I believe the Universe does not understand sarcasm or negatives. For example I hear people say “ I don’t want to get sick”. (Ouch!) 1) The Universe does not understand negatives (it is always moving positively forward to a more completed, more fully expressed state) all it would hear is “I want to get sick” oops! Not what you meant, but what It heard you Say! 2) Besides “don’t get sick” is actually a double negative or a ‘no-no’ - Vibrationally, It feels your fearful vibration of sickness & starts to create that which you “don’t” want! 3) Instead, it is better to say it in a positive way “I want to stay healthy”! Now it feels your happy vibration of health & goes to work manifesting health for you! As for me, I enjoy striving to Speak (only) Loving, Truth-full, Law-full, Positive & Creative words! Please join me as we change the world for the better. Thanks! ❤️☮️🍀
Communication can be loving and kind. It can also be painfully harmful and hurtful. Body language communication often tells you everything you need to know. At times such as these, my belief is that it is best to move out of or away from the situation until there has been a noticeable visible change. Then communicating will be easier, calmer and much more effective. If you wish to be heard properly, wait until the other is able to listen. Conversation will definitely be more appropriate and work out better for all concerned.
I spoke my frustration
And it only made me feel guilty & ashamed. Perhaps those feelings came first. I attributed the cause of my feelings to the situation, when I know in my heart that my feelings were just a way to communicate to me that my thinking about the situation was incorrect.
Only my condemnation injuries me.
My condemnation keeps my vision dark. And through my sightless eyes I cannot see the vision of my glory. Yet today I can behold this glory and be glad.
Expressing Communication
This was very useful with the understanding in how to open up and express oneself with written communicate when it's relating to self-forgiveness to oneself.
It matters what we say
Let our voices be here & stand up for our self & advocate our self control your self & no one can’t tell you what do
As someone who suppressed inner thoughts constantly, this was an excellent session for me to listen to. There is always a healthy way to speak your truth respectfully.
The value of Silence
I learned that sometimes silence speaks louder than words. Sometimes it is better to step away from a situation, rather than saying something in a moment of being clouded by anxiety, rage or another emotion.
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