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Inviting Life In

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Cindy Wolk-Weiss, BSW
Mindfulness Meditation Teacher & Healer
Invite your already innate tranquility to be present in your daily life. This is a meditation that is relaxing and nourishing. Enjoy
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I really liked this longer meditation. It’s 10 min and it’s refreshing. I loved visualizing the warm healing light, it really got me ready for the day. The length if this meditation was perfect.
So much harmony
This is a beautiful practice. Staying still is so important.
Walter J
This was a nice change of pace, unhurried, calming yet invigorating. The 10 min allowed me time to relax, unfold & feel the energy building in my solar plexus. It grew in pulsating waves 💗 out to a big egg like shape from my knees to shoulders while keeping in time with my heàrtbeats💓 I could feel these “love ripples” emanating from my core in electric waves growing outside of my body as my electric egg grew to encompass my entire body... mmmm... there was this warming & soothing influx of new life energy adding to my growing aura. It was like breathing in old ‘knowing’ energy of an ancient forest, but yet refreshing as in a cool drink on a hot summers day... She then said a key phrase about accepting things as they are, that just put me in a state of complete ease. Everything IS gong to be allright from this moment on... if I could just keep ... Inviting Life In...!! 💖✌🏼🍀
Too many big pauses
I did like the analogy of calling back my wandering mind like calling a straying puppy! I've done that in Aura for the last year!🤣 (Here! Mind! *whistle-whistle!)
Experience Life Just As It Is
This is one I will have to try again. I loved the reminder to gently call your attention back as you would a new puppy. I was very attentive initially. Unfortunately, I must have forgotten about that poor little puppy, because after realizing I was thinking about a recipe I suddenly was aware that I had no idea what the practitioner had been saying. To my surprise she was bringing the meditation to a close. 10 minutes had passed, already?! 😳 I do recall some of the closing thoughts though, which in my mind were a gem. There was encouragement to experience life just as it is, before the final words: “Treasure yourself today.”
Healing Light
Cindy does an excellent job giving instruction on a few ways to bring your mind back to the present moment with focusing on your breath. Sitting in a comfortable position, after inhaling/exhaling deeply several times, I visualize a golden warm light like the sun in my solar plexus area. As this warm light, slowly spreads throughout my body I feel a warm tingly sensation all over. I feel my energy levels start to rise along with a peaceful feeling from within. This healing light is now surrounding me like a sphere cleansing any leftover negative thoughts or feelings that are surrounding me. I am left feeling totally at peace with my mind being a blank canvas for the day. I will show up to this new day with feelings of strength, love, and harmony. I will also treasure myself. Thank you Cindy for creating this excellent meditation to begin my day with. Namaste!🙏