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Inviting in Gratitude

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Cindy Wolk-Weiss, BSW
Mindfulness Meditation Teacher & Healer
A gratitude practice to retrain our mind to welcome in the joy and blessings of life. Our human minds tend to grasp onto negative experiences, we remember them more than the joyful moments. This practice has been shown to reduce stress and increase feelings of well-being. Please join me to discover more at
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Fighting Friday 9-21-18
Gratitude. After my uncle came home from the hospital, he called and started crying to thank me for his house being cleaned and all his laundry and linen done. I really didn’t know how to accept it. I just wanted to comfort him. I looked at it as something I had to do. It had to be done and there was no one else. I don’t give myself gratitude either. I don’t know how. I just do things out of kindness. I guess I better start breathing! Thank you, Aura! Have a nice day Everyone!😀
Inviting in gratitude
I am grateful for this meditation practice. Often I get stuck on those negative memories and have trouble letting them go. I will try to find more gratitude in my life.🙏
Gratitude invitation
Our minds often get stuck on negative thoughts due to a survivors instinct. It is the minds way of trying to protect us. However some negative memories it is time to let go of which inviting gratitude in will help this process. A couple of ways to start a gratitude practice are to keep a gratitude journal...write down at least one thing you are grateful for. You can also write in the gratitude section on Aura. Doing this over time will help change your mind set.
Gratitude Invention
I just want to wish you all a Groovy day! This Inviting in Gratitude makes the important first step; although I like to when I go to bed.
Walter J
I Love the analogy of cultivating a garden of gratitude. Lately, I have been doing an abundance of gardening with my extra time from working at home & I love it! I am able to get between thoughts and just exist for long periods of time in my “garden meditations”! Connecting to Spirit & turning myself over to this loving, nurturing, life giving Energy is absolutely one of my favorite things to do. It amazes me how much can be accomplished in a day when we get ourselves & our self-limiting thoughts out of the way!! There is an endless supply of energy available to us if we invite it in with Gratitude! We instinctively know what to do & how to do almost anything when we tap into this Spirit that resides inside us calmly waiting to be contacted. I can do this most easily while gardening. Breathing in and connecting with everything & everyone & all-knowledge... Very groovy as B3 would say!! Also a great way to stay in shape from both my Yoga Gardening (bending, stretching and pulling weeds) to my Rocky training (moving rocks, cutting trees & splitting wood, digging & hauling buckets & buckets of dirt) I am Grateful to be alive at this time!! 💚🙏🏼🍀
An open invitation
We tend to emphasis the bad things that have happened to us, and not really let go of, & often times, complained "why me?!" but... have we considered the good things that have? Have we given thanks for those? If we take time to give thanks for the little things as well for the big things, we would be liberating ourselves from the burden that weighs our shoulders. I was taught that relationships are like flowers -a garden- which you need to water as much as needed (you need to nurture it)... but, never really thought of applying this analogy into the relationship I have with myself, and this meditation invites us to do so. It invites us to nurture ourselves, to look past the bad stuff, & understand that it has made us the people that we are. We should be proud of how far we've come. Give thanks for the strength acquired to overcome any negative situation through out your life. I invite you to do so.
Attitude of gratitude
Negativity can seethe through an environment and cloud our vision of the world around us. Treasuring those grateful moments gives us alighted path out if the darkness.
Inviting in gratitude
The more gratitude I recognize and express, the more I find for which to be grateful. Big and small blessings and miracles are all around us, once our acceptance and awareness grows and nurtures the gratitude garden available to all. Thank you.
Inviting gratitude
Let Your Garden of Gratitude 🙏🏾 Grow! I like that. From this day moving forward this is one of the things I’d like to focus 🧘🏾‍♀️ on!
Reawakening & Realization
Recently I’ve neglected my mindfulness but today I remember all the reason I cherish myself. Being in tune with myself, the universe and the power I hold everyday to make it great are some of the reason I care so much about taking care of myself. Today starts a reawakening of self love, strength, growth and passion that will be ten times stronger than before. Now I have my motivation to cultivate my life and make every second count. I feel alive:)))
Garden of Gratitude
We more easily remember bad or negative memories as a way to protect ourselves but we carry too many negative memories then necessary or that do us good. Plant a garden of gratitude.
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