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Lauren Ziegler
Sleep Coach and Yoga Therapist
A mindful practice to our breathing and the sensations it brings.
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It’s always hard to move towards discomfort, but when I am immersed in it, I am surprised to find the spot, the pain, the suffering, to be less intimidating than what I originally believed it to be. I’m learning that my mind tends to overreact and overexaggerate my discomfort. By actually investigating my discomfort, I am able to calm myself down, for it is never as scary or as bad as my mind makes it to be.
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So yesterday I’m putting on a set fresh of strings an hour before a gig. Brand new strings, full of bright tone and vibrating with clarity make an acoustic guitar come alive with magic. I’ve changed hundreds of sets in my time. As I was tightening the G string, the peg which secures it in the bridge hole popped out. Normally this is no big deal but this time the peg vanished into thin air. I couldn’t find it anywhere. I strapped on my miner’s head light and bent down to look under the furnature, I moved cushions, repeated my search methodically with a quadrants, down on my hands and knees feeling the carpet, all to no avail. By this time it was getting late so I went upstairs and borrowed a peg from another guitar and quickly finished changing strings. The gig went really well, my guitar sounded fantastic. When I got home I unpacked and put everything away, still wondering where the illusive peg was hiding. As I took my guitar out of the case and was placing it in the corner I heard something move inside. I looked in the sound hole, flipped it upside down, shaking it a few times and the peg magically dropped out. Sometimes, when we have lost something in our lives all we need to do is look inside ourselves to find it...
Restless legs
I suffer from RLS and enjoyed this immensely. Really felt it helped me not focus on the discomfort by focusing on the sensation (probably doesn’t make a whole lot of sense). Am looking forward to trying this the next time I get a tattoo, as I think it could help.
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