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Into Calm

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Dorothy Zennuriye Juno
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
'Calmness may be best felt as your out breath.' Witness the calm as you focus on the natural rhythm of your breath, softening, soothing - in your body. Use this meditation any time you need to feel calm in mind and body. Namaste!! xo Music Credit: slam duck kepler 452b (original mix)
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7 reflections
A meditation that should be visited frequently. The key to it is your mindset at the start, which determines the outcome. For example: for myself the opposite was achieved. Aiming for Calm, I became aware of how incredibly tense I am. You will achieve different results based on your thoughts. Thank you, Dorothy, my lady. ❤️🙏
True Guide
A meditation which gently takes one along the path with minimal instruction leading to maximum result.
Soooo incredibly soothing!
So simple yet so powerful. Dorothy exudes calmness and tranquility and it penetrated my soul. I could feel her loving kindness and compassion through her gentle voice. once again, Thank you, Dorothy!
Does What it Says it Will Do
This meditation does what it says it will do. Dorothy instructs the listener to deepen the breath in a tone that is barely above a whisper but nonetheless crisp and clear. I felt calmer and more focused after this meditation.
Waves Of Relaxation
Dorothy’s soothing voice along with the peaceful background music will guide you into a feeling of tranquility by focusing on your exhalation. Laying on my couch, using a diaphragmatic breathing technique, I pause at the top of every inhale. Then I slowly exhale which feels like waves of relaxation spreading throughout my body. This simple powerful meditation was the perfect time out from a busy day. I feel completely relaxed.😌 Namaste!🙏
Into Calm
Being conscious of our breath, we marry the mind and body. When the mind and body are in this beautiful union, miraculous things occur. In this beautiful meditation, we use our exhalation to ride the wave of calm straight into the shore of our being. Laying down, I found my breath and realized it was fast and shallow. Beginning to breathe slowly, deeply and smoothly from my belly, I felt tension begin to loosen its grip. Breathing evenly, I noticed the quiet pause between my inhalation and exhalation. Extending my exhalation, I began to melt into the mattress underneath my body. Continuing to slowly empty my lungs of air, I began to ride the wave of calm towards the shore of my being. As the wave came closer to the shore of my being, anything that no longer served me began exiting my body through my toes, giving them tingling sensations. Once the wave of calm crashed into my body, I entered into calm. Into calm, I found myself in a sweet state of peaceful bliss! Thank you, Julie for leading me to this wonderful meditation! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️😌
I really liked the extra attention to breaths. I’ve struggled with calming my mind going into some of these practices & this truly helped.
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