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Intentions for the Day

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Cass Carlopio
Sleep Expert, Psychologist & Meditation
This guided meditation helps the listener set their intention for the day.
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Intentions for the Day
Just being enough is my intention....I will just be in the present and know that I am enough!
Ripple Effect
Intentions are extremely powerful visualizations techniques we can do. Setting them in the morning do three things for us: makes us more focused and committed to our goals or desires and finally, puts us in a positive mindset for the day. Getting myself grounded by visualizing my body sinking into the ground on every exhale, I became calm, supported and safe. I brought to mind my intention for the day and said it silently to myself. I will bring peace, love, kindness and happiness with me wherever I go today. Imagining how this intention will positively affect everyone I come into contact with, my heart smiled with joy. Following Cassandra’s lead, I visualized myself at the edge of an aqua-colored mountain lake. Hearing nothing but silence in this beautiful setting while looking out at the stillness of this lake, I felt my silence within. I looked down, picked up a shiny rock and felt the smoothness and weight of it in my hand. I brought my intention back into my awareness and said it three times. Throwing the rock out into the middle of the lake, I heard a sound as it broke the surface. Watching the ripples spread out from where the rock broke the surface, I realized I had solidified my intention in my subconscious. With my intention set for my day, I went back to feeling my body soften into the ground. Wiggling my toes and fingers, I came back to the here and now. Thinking of the ripple effect my intention will have, I felt gratitude in my heart. Today is going to be a truly wonderful day! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
After listening to this I’ve set my intensions for the day and will make this a daily habit
Intentions for the day
It was a little difficult to focus and to know exactly what I want to be intentional about. It was hard to choose just one thing. I ended up choosing confidence. I would like to end the day being confident with my words and decisions knowing that I am leading the team down the right path. Also, when the next opportunity arises I will ask my boss if this work is enough in order to aid in my confidence.